French Ski Property Most Expensive in World Data Shows

Posted on 19 August 2011

The Mecca of skiing property is France, and it always has been. According to the latest release of the Knight Frank Prime International Residential Index France has the most expensive ski property in the world. With an average per square meter price of £24,050 per square metre, and some luxury chalets selling for £35,830 per square metre, prime property in Courcheval is more expensive than Switzerland’s St Moritz and Aspen in Colorado, where prices average £14,195 per square metre.

Prices are high thanks to an excellent choice of skiing and the fact that it is the resort of choice for affluent Russian buyers.

The Alps are and probably always will be one of the most popular locations for ski-holidays in the world, and with limited opportunities for new builds demand for holiday accommodation frequently outstrips supply.

Ski property in the French Alps is particularly popular with investors from around the world because of the wealth of leasback options available. The French leaseback scheme is one of the lowest-risk property investments on the global market.

Buyers buy a property freehold, but lease it back to a professional management company. In return for leasing their property back the buyers get tax benefits, government guaranteed rental yield and ample usage of the property for their own holidays.

During the recent boom French leasebacks saw their popularity wain, as other options presented the possibilities for much stronger rental yields, but now as reducing risk continues to weigh heavily on investors minds, leasbacks are once again seeing surging popularity.


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