Spellbinding Alps Town Meribel Gets a Spell-Casting Resident

Posted on 20 September 2011

The magical Alps may have spellbinding beauty, but now they have a spell-casting beauty as well. According to new research by, 21 year old Emma Watson, who plays young witch Hermione in the incredibly successful Harry Potter movies (I’m a big fan), is the proud owner of a £1 million mansion in Meribel.

According to the report the star trio of Watson, Daniel Radcliffe (AKA Harry Potter) and Rupert Grint (AKA Ron Weasley) have invested almost £25 million of their combined £85 million wealth in properties around the world. But only Watson owns in the French Alps — she is the wisest and savviest in the films as well J.

One of the three valleys (Les Trois Vallées, Courchevel, Meribel & Val Thorens), Meribel is one of the world’s top ski locations. In fact collectively the three valleys are the largest and busiest ski resort in the world. Recently we have seen that properties in such locations are able to hold their value against financial events, because they primarily attract owners who are not forced into rush-sales.

These young stars obviously have advisers as to how they should invest, because they are making some excellent choices. It is OK to talk about French ski property as an investment, but within that making a choice can be hard, but Meribel is certainly in the top 3 ski property investment destinations in France.

Radcliffe has a portfolio worth over 11 million including 3 New York addresses, a £3 million apartment in Soho’s Mercer Street and a £730k house near his family home in Fullham.

Fans of Harry Potter I’m sure can imagine Harry saying beat that to Grint, who’s portfolio is completely in Hertfordshire (where he was born and raised), including a £5.4 million manor house, , a £3.35m house and another £495,000 detached property – all mortgage-free.

Watson, who is also famous as the face of Fashion label Burberry also owns a £3 million townhouse in Hampstead London, which is reportedly full of creative types. “If Emma wanted to surround herself with creatives then she couldn’t have picked a better location – Hampstead is awash with luvvies,” said Nicholas Ayre, director of London-based buying agent Home Fusion.

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