Switzerland Ski Property Could be Top Dog in 2012

Posted on 07 January 2012

The Eurozone sovereign debt crisis will be one of the defining stories of our generation, and certainly a defining story of 2011; the year when it went from being a major problem for Greece to being a major problem for the entire world.

Now, as we head into 2012, it is easy to find stories that either say the crisis is already dying down, or is set to die down this year, but when you look more closely it is hard to find what these claims are based on, other than deep-rooted hope and a lot of wishful thinking. In reality we are still a long way from a solution, and it could still turn out any one of a number of ways including with one or more members leaving the Euro, or its complete collapse.

But what has this got to do with skiing property? Switzerland. Switzerland is not in the Euro, and ever since the turmoil started it has become known as an investment safe haven. As a whole skiing property in the Alps and other prime destinations has become known as a safe haven as well, because it is typically at the mid-high end of the pricing scale and therefore typically purchased by wealthy individuals who are not forced to slash their asking price for a quick sale.

Swiss and French property are the two top dogs, with France being the number one overall. However, depending on what way the Euro crisis does pan out, Switzerland ski property could yet overtake them all to become the number one place to buy skiing property in Europe.