Courcheval Named 4th Most Exclusive Ski Resort in the World

Posted on 12 February 2012

France’s Courcheval has been named the 4th most exclusive ski resort in the world by, behind the YELLOWSTONE CLUB in Montana, (of course) KLOSTERS in Switzerland and Deer Valley in Utah. Spot the trend there of US dominance, there are 2 in the top 3 and 5 of the top 10 are American.

The fact that Courcheval is the only French resort on the list is indicative of the fact that Courcheval may be the most exclusive ski resort in France, which would make French ski resorts mostly more accessible to the masses than those in the US (or Switzerland which also has 3 in the top 10) #justsaying went the tweet.

But of course, skiing and accessibility are not two things that generally marry well, especially in the top resorts of the Alps and America. The resorts featured by maybe the most exclusive in the world, but any ski resort in France is gonna cost about 4 times what would be considered a cheap holiday deal.

This is why skiing property is all the rage right now. The world went mad for cheap property during the boom, but those who buy cheap properties often don’t have the werewithall to hold on to them through a sudden rough patch, and so panic sales drive down prices.

Ski property in Courcheval and such places is predominantly bought by, let’s say, those who can hold on to them through a sudden rough patch, so there is no such panic selling to drive down prices. This makes ski property in such locations a safe asset, which is what anyone with spare cash lying around is itchy to put it into, something that isn’t devaluing as fast as paper money today.

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