French Alps Has a Lot More to Offer than Just Skiing

Posted on 08 September 2012

Although the French Alps are inextricably linked with winter sports and holidays, things are definitely changing. Since the global financial crisis there has been a 26% drop in ski tourism that has resulted in the region diversifying in order to survive. Nowadays the French Alps is concentrating on becoming a year-round destination rather than relying on a few months in winter in which to make money for the whole year.

This is good news for property owners as there is now far more potential to rent out holiday homes year-round, meaning higher rental returns are possible. Alpine summers can be pretty nice as they tend to be drier than in the UK and slightly warmer. Alpine activities include hiking, mountain biking and even golf.

However more resorts are beginning to offer other activities such as abseiling and paragliding, increasing their appeal. Property prices are still linked to the appeal and prestige of the ski resorts, but France still has some pretty affordable locations that are in well-established resorts.

One of the most popular is in Savoie in the village of Valmorel where one of the biggest tourism companies in France is currently selling skiing, ski out chalet apartments starting at £440,000 for a two bedroom property.

These properties are available on the leaseback basis, and during the first 11 years Club Med who is the company selling the properties, will let them out to guests giving buyers are guaranteed rental return of around 3% as well as three weeks use per year. Although some leaseback properties have received bad press, buying through bigger companies helps ensure a safe investment and a good return.

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