5 Super Green Eco Ski Resorts 2012

Posted on 14 September 2012

Many people wonder how they can combine a sustainable lifestyle while still enjoy a passion like skiing. Fortunately, there are plenty of ski resorts that have contemplated the same thing. As well they should since ski resorts stand to lose a lot from global warming. Here are the top 5 eco ski resorts that have attained ISO 14001 certification.

1. Saas Fee

It’s no wonder that this is one of the top scorers of the Green Resorts guide. Famously a car-free resort, Saas Fee reduces its own need for snow cannons because its slopes are high and glaciated. By investing in renewable projects, Saas Fee’s post office makes itself carbon neutral. You have to ride into Saas Fee by train.

2. Avoriaz

Avoriaz has a water filtration system that doesn’t use chlorine, is a vehicle-free resort and was to environmental principles in the 1970s. To educate free-riders about responsible mountain use, Avoriaz has Stash Park, one of many parks surrounding the property. You can get some great catered ski chalets to have a really luxury holiday so see what you can find to have a great and green ski season.

3. The Aspen Skiing Company
Aspen is reputed as the center of the green ski movement. Becoming an inspiration to others, the eco initiatives began in 1997 were conducted by The Aspen Skiing Company (ASC). This resort has offset 100% of its electricity and uses wind power. ASC uses trail-grooming vehicles that run on biodiesel and owns the largest photovoltaic system of all resorts. One million dollars toward local environmental causes have been donated by employees through a match program.

4. Smugglers’ Notch Family Resort

Smugglers’ Notch is recognized as a member of the Sustainable Slopes and is a leader in the state of Vermont for sustainable building. Among the resort’s green initiatives are water conservation, recycling, energy efficiency, habitat and wildlife protection. The resort also focuses on educating the public. It encourages guests to tour the wastewater facility, the washing machines come with information on how much water they save, and there are several “no idling” signs spread throughout.

5. Park City Mountain Resort
In order to slash its carbon footprint, an in-depth energy audit on the entire resort operation is conducted annually by Park City Mountain Resort. The property will be offset by carbon credits in addition to its chairlifts being powered by renewable energy. A reduction of snowmobiles by 30% and the purchase of more efficient snowmaking equipment makes this resort a top eco ski destination.