Club Med is Setting Its Sights on Canadian Ski Resorts

Posted on 22 September 2012

Club Med is said to be looking at various ski destinations in North America, one of which is Québec’s Charlevoix region, as it is looking to launch high-end ski resorts based on its all-inclusive resort model. The company which has its headquarters in Paris, became famous in the 1970s for its no-frills holidays, but now it wants to enter the ski market in Canada, as this is seen as being highly lucrative.

The company is looking at a number of sites, but is keen to choose ski resorts that offer all year round activities including mountain biking, hiking and other forms of entertainment to ensure the resort has an added revenue stream. They have already found a number of properties that have empty condos due to the recession, and Club Med intends to become an operator rather than an owner. The idea is to attract keen skiers who like the idea of an all-inclusive holiday.

The company has already had preliminary talks with Daniel Gauthier who owns Le Massif resort in Charlevoix. Gauthier bought the resort 10 years ago, and has developed it into a non-traditional destination offering year round activities including ecotourism, hiking and biking.

The resort also benefits from a concert hall. It was developed in order to attract more international visitors. Club Med already has a number of ski resorts throughout the world, most of which are in Europe, and the company is largely focused on offering family oriented holidays. Families account for nearly two thirds of their customers, while a quarter are couples and just 10% are single travellers.