Reasons for Buying Property in Saas-Fee

Posted on 12 October 2012

Saas-Fee is a very pretty village in Switzerland that is just 7 miles away from Zermatt, but property is around half the price. This resort isn’t very well known, but it’s worth making the effort to investigate property within the area. It’s extremely scenic and car free, and has plenty of activities designed to appeal to both skiers and non-skiers.

Saas-Fee is very much a year-round resort and has plenty to appeal to people of all ages. Although it does have a lively apres ski scene, revellers are fined £130 on the spot if they are too noisy when returning home as the resort is extremely civilised which is exactly what you’d expect in Switzerland.

It is located at 6,000 feet and is surrounded by another 14 peaks, the highest of which reaches 13,000 feet. Saas-Fee is ideal for climbers, snowboarders and skiers, and is one of the resorts where snow is virtually guaranteed.

The Dom and Allinhorn glaciers ensure it has the second longest season in the Alps, and it is often used as a summer training base by international ski teams. High altitude skiing is available for 10 months of the year.

Local authorities are currently looking at replacing the current lifts with high-speed gondolas which would create Europe’s highest lift system. A local company has plans to build a high-speed gondola that would link up with Zermatt, and which would dramatically increase Saas-Fee’s profile. It’s definitely easier to buy property in this resort compared to Zermatt, but property construction is still strictly limited to just 16,500 ft.² each year. This is the equivalent of one apartment building or three new chalets.