Canadian Ski Resort Gradually Making a Name for Itself

Posted on 06 December 2012

Most people, when asked to name Canadian ski resorts would come up with the traditional and better-known destinations of Whistler, Banff and Lake Louise, but the smaller ski resort of Fernie in British Columbia is gradually making a name for itself.

Fernie is actually a historic mining town located in southeastern British Columbia, but nowadays it is becoming more notable for the powder snow that falls from early in the season until late spring, making it an ideal destination for keen skiers. In fact it was named as one of the top 25 world’s best ski towns by prestigious National Geographic, and it has no less than 2,5000 acres of ski territory, receiving an average of 29 feet of powder snow annually.

Even though Fernie is still an active coal mining town there have been more tourist developments built over the recent years, and the town has become increasingly popular amongst overseas buyers, especially those from the United Kingdom and the United States. Property prices did fall by around 10% in 2007, but have regained this loss since then.

Fernie didn’t see many foreclosures as there aren’t exactly that many properties here. However the recent boom in tourism has seen more people move here permanently, and the town is thriving. In addition to offering winter sports, Fernie also has a large range of year round activities including fly fishing, mounting biking, golf and of course hiking. A lot of people opt to buy condominiums in Fernie, but single-family homes can also be purchased from around $200,000, making it highly affordable. Fernie is just a three hour drive from Calgary airport.