Make the most of your ski home by arriving there fit – in mind and body!

Posted on 04 November 2013

It’s not long before ski resorts in France and Switzerland open their slopes, meaning it’s time to start getting yourself in shape for skiing, especially if you plan to make regular trips to a home in the Alps.

The first thing to do is prepare yourself, or more specifically get fit. Your body will respond to the challenges of skiing far better if you are in good shape, and if you have a good baseline fitness, you won’t tire so easily after a morning on skis. The majority of ski injuries occur in the afternoon, suggesting they are often caused by tiredness. Six to 12 weeks of fitness preparation, depending on your existing fitness level, should be sufficient.

If you have an existing injury, now is the time to get it sorted, rather than a week or two before you plan to head out to the Alps. Always be realistic about what your body is capable of doing – for example, if you’ve had surgery or major treatment that requires substantial recovery time, don’t throw yourself down a black run!

Skiing is one sport where your equipment can make all the difference. If hiring your gear, make sure your boots are comfortable, and your skis and bindings appropriate according to your level and weight. The same applies if you’re borrowing equipment or even using your own.

Lastly, think about how you behave on the slopes. Don’t take chances and ski so you lose control, go easy on the lunchtime drinking, take care on and around ski lifts and pace yourself – typically people are most fatigued on day three of a ski trip.