Why driving to the French Alps this summer could make perfect sense

Posted on 20 June 2014

The lasting impression of any holiday is normally the weather, the scenery, the fun and the food, but a new report by the RAC has found that an increasing number of Brits driving abroad, including France, come home amazed by the quality and emptiness of European roads, combined with the cheaper price of fuel.

With 4.2 million motorists choosing to take control and travel to Europe by car every year, many motorists are witnessing first-hand how far Britain’s roads are lagging behind our European counterparts in terms of quality.

The UK is currently ranked 24th in the world for the quality of its highways and byways, while France comes second! Just take a drive down the auto-route to one of the many resorts in the French Alps, and the difference between the two countries is immediately obvious.

Research carried out for the RAC Driving Abroad Report 2014 found good road surfaces was the top reason people enjoy the experience of driving on the Continent (42%), followed by the lower cost of petrol and diesel compared to the UK (32%).

The fewer number of cars on foreign roads was also listed as a positive holiday experience by a quarter of motorists. A fifth also said they enjoyed the chance to experience faster roads that parts of Europe have to offer, while 18 per cent had the perception there are fewer speed cameras keeping an eye on their driving behaviour.

In fact, given the choice, more than half (54%) of those surveyed would rather drive to Europe than take any other form of transport.
So when you sit down to book your flights to Geneva – to come on a property viewing trip or visit your property in the French Alps – just take a moment to weigh the option of driving. There’s always the bonus of stocking up on cheap wine beer on the way home too!