Pre-season prep for skiers heading to their home in the French Alps

Posted on 11 November 2014

Snow is falling in the Alps, causing a tingle of excitement in the thousands of ski homeowners itching to head out to their ski pad. There’re still some weeks to go before the slopes will be ready and the lifts open, but that’s leaves just enough time to prepare yourself for your first ski trip of the 2014-15 season. Here are some handy reminders.

– Get yourself in shape. Remember, to get the max out of stays at your ski home, you’ll want to cram in as many hours on the slopes as possible, which means being fit and being able to adapt to being at altitude. Help yourself today by starting that ski fitness programme, or at the least squeezing in a run or cycle after work. You’ll notice the difference on your thighs when you’re midway down a black run!

– Boot check. Even if you’re happy hiring equipment, it’s highly worthwhile buying your own pair of ski boots and taking time to choose and have them properly fitted. Perhaps you have a pair, but they’re getting old – in which case, check they’re still up to scratch in good time before you hit the slopes. Of course, you might choose to keep more than one pair of boots at your ski property, and see which takes your fancy or feels best on your next visit.

– Travel out there. Have you booked flights, ferry crossings or even train tickets down to the Alps yet? If not, avoid disappointment by doing so now. And if you’re planning a few visit this season, books multiple trips – and then fit the rest of your calendar around them!

– Top up the account. You’ll need some spending money during your visits to the Alps this season, so make sure you have enough euros in your French bank account. Always use a specialist currency transfer firm to top up your account from the UK – you’ll save money thanks to their better-than-bank exchange rates, and using the expensive bureau de change outlets at the airport should be avoided.