5 reasons why France is top for ski property

Posted on 03 January 2017

If the slopes are calling and you can see the advantage of buying rather than spending on hotels year after year, France really is the best and easiest option for buying a skiing property. Here are five five great reasons for treating yourself to that home in the French Alps.

1. A wide choice of property

France has the biggest choice of ski property. You have old, new, purpose-built for ski in and ski out, or just a beautiful home that happens to be handy for the slopes. While in some countries older property never reached the age where it became old and beautiful, the French love a gorgeously renovated country home almost as much as the British do! But the French are also serious builders and in their ski resorts they have boldly created amazing new developments, especially in the classic resorts like Courchevel 1850 and Meribel. France also has a range of buying models with mortgages relatively easy to acquire but also the opportunity for leaseback schemes.

2. A resort for every taste and ability (and pocket)

France benefits from having over 200 ski resorts. That offers a range of prices, grades of ski slope, styles of architecture, tastes in après ski, choice of summer activities and so much more. You can decide whether you want to be among a more international clientele or would rather be sharing the slopes with friendly locals. Keep an eye on new developments too, particularly where resorts are being linked together in an effort to recreate the massive success of The Three Valleys.

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3. On the slopes before teatime

France’s choice of amazing ski resorts also means that wherever you’re coming in from – and let’s face it, in these days of remote working you could just as easily be flying in from your home in Majorca as from Manchester – there will be an airport within reasonable reach. You can get travel by train or automobile from the coast in just a few hours. That accessibility lasts all year in France, whereas in some countries the flights disappear with the snow, leaving you high and dry if you fancied a summertime hike.

4. Sensible prices

You have to pity Americans sometimes. While resorts like Vail and Jackson Hole in the USA have gone so astonishingly pricey that you needn’t bother turning up without a few million dollars, and some other countries are beginning to follow suit, in France you can buy a good-quality apartment in a stylish resort like Les Arcs or Les Menuires for well under £200,000.

5. Voulez-vous skier avec moi?

If you understood that sentence, you probably spent several thousand hours between the ages of 8 and 16 learning French. On the other hand, how’s your Italian? Говорите ли български? (Do you speak Bulgarian?) German then: sprechen sie deutsch? Getting the chance to put into practice a bit of that school-years French can be pretty life enhancing (for us, if not the unfortunate French listener!). Moreover, since France was the original destination for the British buying property abroad, the processes are well known and there is a Brit-friendly infrastructure that makes buying in France so easy (and safe).

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