5 of the Best Luxury Ski Resorts in France

Posted on 13 January 2018

Hubert De Givenchy famously said: “luxury is in each detail” and this certainly applies to luxury ski resorts in France catering to every need and want of their clientele. Offering five-star plus hospitality as well as a range of personalised services, if the finer side of life what you desire, France is the ideal location to indulge you.

The French have always perfected quintessential standards for cuisine, drink, clothes and a luxurious lifestyle so choosing the country for your luxury ski holiday guarantees you are hooking up with the experts.

The Best Luxury Ski Resorts in France

1: Courchevel: French Alps

Courchevel 1850 always appears top of any list talking about five-star ski resorts around the world. Its reputation has attracted many international celebrities, billionaire business executives and members of royal families, eager to be seen where the upper classes of society hang out.

Courchevel separates into four distinct areas called, 1850, 1650, 1550 and 1300, which all reference the altitude, although officials renamed the resorts in later years. 1850 is the most prestigious. As well as being a luxury ski resort, one of its most significant claims to fame, is the lift system that works smoothly and without hold-ups even at the busiest time of the year.

When you choose to ski in Courchevel, you are staying in some of the best luxury hotels in the world, and visiting Michelin starred restaurants serving up excellent cuisine and expensive wine, is a must. Alternatively, employing a chef to come into your own luxury chalet is also a popular choice.

A luxury ski holiday in Courchevel means indulging in the more elegant side of life including private helicopter transfers, one-to-one ski instructors, spa treatments and endless fashion shopping opportunities. If you still want the glitz of Courchevel 1850, but without the cost, look at 1650. (Read more about the area here.)

luxury ski resorts in France

2: Val d’Isère: French Alps

Generally open from the end of November to beginning of May, Val d’Isère has always been a rival of Courchevel 1850. Sitting in the French Alps near the Italian border, it belongs to the Espace Killy ski district and enjoys an esteemed reputation for excellent restaurants with a variety of menus. Michelin star restaurants serve the best in Savoie cuisine, while entertainment comes in the form of wild parties or fire-side live music.

Val d’Isère hosts several five-star hotels but really excels in its luxury ski chalets, many of which have private swimming pools, saunas, and extensive wine cellars. Booking a chalet does not mean you have to forgo five-star service either because many come with their own team including chef, concierge, and cleaners that provide top honoured alpine hospitality but with a touch of opulence. (Val d’Isère info and attractions.)

Val d Isere

3: Family Friendly Megeve

Megeve’s reputation as a hub of luxury started in the 1920s when it became a favourite destination for the rich and famous. Sitting in the southeast of France, the purpose-built residents has now grown to one of the most renowned ski resorts in France, with a sizeable population of 4000 people.

Despite its popularity, it’s kept an authentic atmosphere with beautiful slopes and a car-free, charming old town with horse-drawn sleights for a fairy-tale ending. To break the bank, the extensive range of branded luxury shops will gladly relieve you of your money.

Megeve is a firm favourite of luxury, family ski holidays so during school holidays, the slopes and town soon become a bustle of activity, but visit outside of these times, if you want to avoid the crowds. Alternatively, Megeve is also ideal for novice and beginner skiers thanks to the vast array of ski schools and private tutors. (Megeve area guide.)


4: Meribel : The Mountain Village

Méribel’s emergence as a ski resort started in the 1930s, as an alternative to other destinations under the influence of the Nazi regime. Residents have always stayed true to their routes and used time-honoured wood and stone architectural styles to build their homes and businesses. Therefore, the authentic atmosphere along with indulgence of the elegant side of life has all the potential for a luxury ski holiday of a lifetime.

Belonging to the Trois Vallees ski area, Meribel separates into smaller villages that are all within the Vanoise National Park. With a hotel capacity of more than 30,000 beds, finding accommodation isn’t a problem either.

Luxury skiers often book private ski chalets staffed with your private chef, driver, valet and concierge host, who pay exceptional attention to details. Meribel is an excellent choice for those who believe in living life with chic, finesse and style and is another family favourite. Find out more about the attractions of Meribel here.


5: Chamonix Mont Blanc

Last on our list of luxury ski resorts in France is Chamonix Mont Blanc, the oldest ski resort in the country that has matured with age to define luxury skiing with its own impeccable standards. With several parks and runs recommended by experts, the resort has a multi-cultural feel having become popular with many nationalities.

The luxurious face of Chamonix was first born in 1816 with the construction of the first hotel, and although there are five-star hotels in Chamonix, many skiers like to book unique experiences in contemporary and chic chalets with private hospitality services provided.

Pleasuring your palette with excellent food is also easy thanks to the 60 plus restaurants and bars. It is open all year round including summer, making it a firm favourite for people looking to buy skiing property. (More about Chamonix Mont Blanc.)


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