Which is the Best French Ski Resort to Buy Property?

Posted on 02 March 2018

When considering possible locations to buy ski property, the magnificent French Alps, always comes top of the list, especially for Brits who enjoy the various, quick and easy transport links. For all nationalities, the French Alps offer unique skiing opportunities, a distinctive culture and a massive choice of ski resorts, of which some are the best in the world.

For those who venture on to become owners of French ski property, the huge savings on cost between France and places like Switzerland, also makes a dramatic difference, especially for first time and budget buyers.

Your personal preferences define where is the best place for you to buy French ski property, but some resorts are standing out more than others as ideal real estate investments because buyers are more demanding now than ever before.

Gone are the days, when people bought ski property, just to ski. Today’s buyers are driving the market with an extensive range of requirements and resorts that can keep up are getting the most attention. But what exactly do buyers want?

1: Diversity, Off Slope Activities and Year-Round Season.

Resorts that have turned themselves into summer destinations, as well as winter skiing hotspots are undoubtedly receiving the most interest. Keeping in line with the outdoor themes, many resorts offer a wide range of summer activities like walking, trekking, biking, and golf. The ability to diversify is vital, especially for those buyers looking for buy-to-let income.

2: Facilities and Ski Infrastructure Upgrades

Undoubtedly one of the top requirements of today’s ski property buyers is which resorts are keeping up with the times to provide a smooth, streamlined experience with everything close by. In the 1980s, resorts like Alpe d’Heuz neglected to adapt to market demands so tourists and property buyers turned away.

Quite a few skiing destinations are eager not to make the same mistake. Buyers are also taking a keen interest in this because it boosts their renting and selling potential. The ability to make an income or even just cover running costs of a ski property appeals to many buyers of the younger generations.

How easy is it to sell? Should buyers want to turn their real estate assets into cash, they want a vibrant market with a quick turnover.

So based on the above two criteria, which resorts are catering to the demands of the public by overhauling their infrastructure and community features, as well as offering year-round and off-slope activities?

 Three are standing out for notable projects costing millions of euros.

The Best French Ski resorts to Buy Property

1: Val d’Isère: France’s Rising Star

Best French ski resort to buy property

For many years, skiers and alpine property investors have favoured Val d’Isère, yet its recent and planned upgrades of skiing and village infrastructure are gaining it even more admiration. 16 million euros has already been pumped into skiing facilities with an update of the Solaise gondola that includes little benefits such as free wi-fi, a huge lure for the online connection of today’s younger generations.

The 200 million euro and 5-year project called “Le Coin De Val” is also transforming the resort with new hotels, streamline traffic, a renewed sense of traditional architecture and a large variety of shops and bars.

Val d’Isère states the reason they are doing this, is to fulfil the expectations of today’s clients but they emphasise the modernisation of the resort won’t affect its traditional alpine feel.

Val d’Isère has always been one of the first to adapt to changing trends and demands and certainly fulfils all the requirements driven by today’s ski property buyers. Demand from buyers also outstrips supply making this an ideal location for stability and liquidity.

2: Chamonix and its Year-Round Appeal


Branching into the summer tourism seasons at the turn of the century, Chamonix caters for everyone, young and old and whether you like skiing or not. This characteristic means it now has more visitors in summer than winter.

Offering ski property buyers, a lower price bracket than neighbouring Megeve, some hard-core ski enthusiasts have labelled it the Alp’s unofficial capital and Chamonix’s 10,000 permanent residents and year-round status, means it is far from being a ghost town.

It has also garnered much attention for the 477-million-euro ski infrastructure upgrade project, announced in 2013 with a completion date of 2020 when long queues to get on the ski lifts will be a thing of the past.

3: Alpe d’Huez Wants First Place Again

Alpe d Huez

First opening up to alpine tourism in 1902, Alpe d’Huez already enjoys a year-round tourism trade but perhaps not wanting to be outdone by Val d’Isère and Chamonix, they have announced their own 350 million euro ski infrastructure upgrade that will put it back on the list as one of the best French ski resorts to buy property.

Linking Alpe d’Huez with Les Deux Alpes via an 18-minute gondola ride, it opens masses of potential for skiing by becoming the third most abundant ski region in Europe by 2021.

Slipping standards over the last two decades turned the tourists away in favour of other resorts like Val d’Isère, but the all-encompassing facelift, including underground parking as well as community and social features, is gaining attention. Locals expect the prices of property will rise once the project is complete, and new complexes featuring ski in and ski out facilities are gaining attention.

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