Buying Ski Property in France : Alpine Home Investments for 2019

Posted on 29 January 2019

With an extensive list of places to choose from, anyone buying ski property in France should know it’s an attractive market with a good deal of new build, modern homes for sale but the location of your new home is just as important as the actual home itself.

Normally, buyers look for easy access from nearby airports and trains stations, a range of bars, restaurants and shops within the resort and guaranteed alpine snowfall. However, the French ski real estate market is revolutionising itself.

More resorts are turning into year-round tourism destinations, so both second home buyers and savvy investors should locally research which destinations offer the most months use.

Another aspect to consider is which resorts are investing in infrastructure and urban planning. We’ve all seen mistakes from the past when mass interest in a destination but a lack of planning turned towns and villages into concrete jungles with nothing to offer residents and holidaymakers. So, we put together a list of ski resorts with potential that should be on every buyer’s radar.

Buying Ski Property in France

Where to buy ski property in France

1: Val D’Isère: A Ski Resort to Watch

In 2018, Forbes listed Val D’Isère as one of the world’s best skiing resort. Daily Telegraph newspaper has also listed it as their favourite resort. This glowing testament reflects Val D’Isère diversity, guaranteed snowfall, skiing opportunities but there is much more to the resort. They are undertaking a massive urban project called Le Coin De Val that will change the town’s architectural and introduce new public amenities like an underground parking. Having already spent 16 million on the Euro Solaise gondola, this additional 200-million-euro project will ensure it stays a favourite alpine destination.

2: Combloux: Idea for Budget Buyers

Often marketed as an alternative to upmarket Megeve, sitting 4 kilometres away, buyers looking for a year-round destination will be more than pleased with Combloux. Attractive prices per square meter, but also the massive range of outdoor activities like mountain biking, horse riding, hiking and bathing by the lake prove its summer potential. Sitting in southeast France, 2000 residents also tap into the famous Mont Blanc area offering suburb skiing opportunities.

3: Les Carroz: Family and Environmentally Friendly

Belonging to the Grand Massif area, Les Carroz offers bundles of traditional Alpine ambience, but the biggest lure is a family-friendly atmosphere. Hence it received an official award from the French tourism board. The local council involves itself in environmental policy and tourism and disability initiatives. With easy access to Geneva airport and the Grand Massif slopes, Les Carroz is for families who want everything on their doorstep.

4: Alpe D’Heuz: Dual Season and Mass Potential

In 2017, Alpe D’Heuz won an award as Europe’s Best Ski resort, but they pumped millions of Euros into urban projects including a planned link up with Les Deux Alpes, therefore increasing skiing opportunities. As a summer destination, it also wins top marks for activities for the young and old alike. Catering to beginner and experienced skiers, other things to do include dog sleighing; the 21 hairpins ride for bikers and the recent alpine coaster ride winning raving reviews from locals and tourists.

5: The Five Villages of Tignes

Sitting in the valley below the Val D’Isère resort, Tignes has easy access to the Espace Killy area making it ideal for all levels of skiers. Its promotion as a summer destination is also taking off, because of activities like the golf course. It’s easy to get to, and its global green certification proves its dedication to preserving the local culture and environment. Lastly, a choice of five small villages from lively Val Claret to family-friendly Les Brévières proves Tignes is an all-rounder bursting with diversity.

Lastly, investors buying ski property in France will find appeal in the official leaseback scheme including rental management services, potential rental yield between 3 to 5% and the ability to claim back 20% purchase VAT. For details use the messaging contact form at the bottom right of the screen or see example leaseback properties here.

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