The good news for owners of ski properties is that you’re unlikely to catch a cold; more and more people are now taking winter sports holidays and the demand for good quality rental accommodation is growing year on year.

What should you be looking for?

To maximise your investment, year-round rentability is key to achieving a decent yield. Ski properties will give high returns over the winter season but weigh up peoples expectations of what else an area can offer. A good range of bars, restaurants, shops and cafes is now important as well as activities like snow-shoe hiking, sledging or off-piste walks.

The stunning landscape of ski resorts means they’re often equally enticing for summer tenants, attracting visitors who are into climbing, biking, white-water rafting etc.
So you need to make sure where you buy has plenty on offer in the way of outdoor pursuits.

Being within a couple of hours to an airport with cheap flights is also important, making long weekend breaks practical, affordable so make sure that where you buy is easy to get to.

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