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7 Reasons to Buy Ski Property in Flims-Waldhaus

Flims-Waldhaus in the east of Switzerland is one of the lesser talked about ski destinations, yet the small village has much to offer anyone looking to buy ski property. Belonging the broader region of Flims, in Graubünden, it sits alongside the other central town of Dorf. The overall district of...

Posted on 10 February 2018

Best French Ski Resorts for Beginners

Reports in recent years say the popularity of snowboarding is decreasing, yet interest in skiing is growing every year. The sport plays a huge part in the winter tourism season, and for most Europeans who are beginners to the pastime, French ski resorts are their first choice, especially for Brits...

Posted on 22 January 2018

5 of the Best Luxury Ski Resorts in France

Hubert De Givenchy famously said: “luxury is in each detail” and this certainly applies to luxury ski resorts in France catering to every need and want of their clientele. Offering five-star plus hospitality as well as a range of personalised services, if the finer side of life what you desire,...

Posted on 13 January 2018

The Advantages of Skiing in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City was the setting for the 2002 Winter Olympics, and as such received substantial funding to update its infrastructure. The city has continued to thrive, especially as investment has continued. The venues used during the games are in constant use, and tourism spending has increased to $2 billion...

Posted on 10 March 2012

Whistler is One of Canada’s Premier Ski Destinations

Whistler in British Columbia is one of Canada's top skiing destinations, best known for hosting the 2010 Winter Olympics. Its skiing area covers more than 8,000 acres, and while its renowned for offering challenging runs to advanced skiers, there are also numerous slopes and runs more suitable for novices. It's...

Posted on 10 March 2012

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