Ski Property Purchases driven by Dual Season and Tourism Infrastructure

Posted on 05 April 2018

When it comes to buying a ski property in France, the country is already off to a good start because higher prices and more restrictions are forcing buyers away from the main competitor Switzerland. France’s leaseback scheme also proves highly popular with buyers looking to cover costs and make an income.

However, customer demands include two core requirements when choosing where in France is the best place to invest in ski property.

Not everyone who visits the Alps for a weekend or extended break are hardcore skiers. Experts estimate a quarter of all visitors have broader interests, and many more like to diversify their time after a morning run on the piste. Hence a diverse range of non skiing activities is preferred.

Property investors looking for buy-to-let homes also want year-round tourism activities so anyone renting their ski home will be just as happy in summer as in winter. They look for resorts actively promoting themselves as a summer holiday destination.

Ski property

All around France, ski resorts are responding to this demand as seen in Courchevel that in 2017 opened a £50 million indoor and outdoor waterpark. Including sports, fitness, spa and wellness facilities, the opening eased much local concern about a lack of diversity in activities.

When Russian investors suffered a crisis, much of the tourists and property investors in Courchevel dried up overnight, hence the resort wants to appeal to a much broader range of clientele, all year round.

Alpe d’Heuz, Chamonix and Val d’Isère

Alpe d’Heuz is another resort tapping into summer tourism, and they have announced their own infrastructure project costing a staggering 350 million euros. However, they lag behind Chamonix that not only provides an ideal summer scene but has already invested in infrastructure.

Brits particularly like Chamonix, often labelled by many skiers as the best resort for accommodating every need and want of tourists.

Recent investment in tourism infrastructure includes modernisation at Site Montenvers giving off impressive views of the Mer de Glace glacier, that will likewise be the recipient of future investment projects. They also opened a beginner’s area and installed a new chairlift at the end of 2016 in the Brevant ski area.

Another favourite of the Brits, Val d’Isère also attracts attention, but it has the edge over other resorts because its low altitude prompts a 23 week season and guaranteed snowfall. The Solaise area of Val d’Isere recently received massive investment to the tune of 20 million euros including new chairlifts, magic carpets and beginner’s area.

However, the crème de la crème of projects is the Le Coin De Val that will transform the central town through improved pedestrian and traffic congestion, as well as enhanced aesthetic architecture befitting the Alpine feel.

New hotels and rental apartments will also accommodate growing demand in one of France’s best-known ski resort. Buyers on a budget who are tempted by Val d’Isère, but lack the funds, should instead look at nearby Tignes that also offers much potential for the future.

Other resorts making investments in tourism infrastructure include Meribel, Megeve and the time-honoured favourite of Courchevel.

Prices of Ski Property in Dual Season Resorts

Freehold ski apartments in Val d’Isère from £1,150,000

2 bedroom ski apartment in Courchevel 1650 from £728,00