Tignes is a ski resort in the south east of France, but it is different. The resort is made up of five villages, Val Claret, Tignes le Lac, Le Lavachet, Tignes Les Boisses and Tignes-les-Brévières. Before the dam there was only Les Brévières, which is now below the dam, the other 4 were constructed along with the dam or as part of the expanding ski resort. In fact, Tignes was previously one village, but the Dam was constructed after World War II to satisfy France’s need for energy, and the old village submerged by the ensuing reservoir.

Tignes as it is today was mainly constructed in the 60s Tignes skiing properties are in the style of that era. These traditional style properties are very popular with foreign buyers, and this also gives the opportunity to buy a property at a bargain price and renovate it.

Make no mistake, ski property in Tignes is prime alpine ski property. Just 5 years ago you needn’t have bothered going to Tignes with less than £150k, but you can now pick up studio apartments for little over 100 thousand euros. For 109,000 euros you can buy a 24m2 studio apartment which will sleep 4, and enjoys views of the spectacular Grand Motte from the balcony.

Yes, Tignes ski property fell in value at the height of the crisis, but by nowhere near as much as Spain, Britain, America or many other locations. Now the market is known to have bottomed and demand is reaffirming at current levels. Now is the time to get in for those bargains.

Ski properties for sale in Tignes, France

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