Skiing property for sale in Chamonix, France

Ski Property for Sale Chamonix: Chamonix is a French alpine town located in the haute-Savoie department in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region of south eastern France. A popular tourist resort, Chamonix is known for its mountain scenery, ski areas, hiking trails and views of Mont Blanc. Chamonix is sometimes considered the world capital of skiing.

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As you leave Chamonix, the French Alps turn into the Swiss and Italian Alps – with more than 800 km of slopes in total. They are all within a two-hour drive from Chamonix. Add to that good lift infrastructure, friendliness and services, and you have skiers´ paradise.

What Recreational Activities Attracts Investors to Chamonix?

Chamonix is a destination for active pursuits of all kinds of recreational activities including hiking, climbing, biking, walking, skiing and more. Recreational activities like these attract investors to Chamonix at high interest levels. Each year, the valley welcomes more than 1 million skiers from across the globe to its slopes. For the less adventurous, Chamonix offers numerous mountain biking trails and park visits that are ideal for investors.

Why buy property in Chamonix?

Chamonix is home to the Mont Blanc Mountain range and is recognised by many as the birthplace of extreme skiing.

One of the most striking mountain ranges in Europe, Chamonix has some of the most beautiful panoramic views onto mountains and valleys, and down towards southern France. Chamonix Valley is a real gem, offering great ski touring and mountaineering. It also has both modern ski lifts and a traditional cable car, allowing you to get to the best of skiing. The lift ticket prices are very reasonable and this certainly plays an important role in why people from all over the world want to buy Chamonix property.

Experience the snowy mountains and breath-taking views with a dream property of your own.

With a property in Chamonix, you can benefit from year-round holiday opportunities as well as the potential for rental income in the winter. A property in Chamonix will provide you with a range of investment opportunities.

Is there any potential left for capital growth in Chamonix property?

Whether you want to become a property investor or simply enjoy the added peace of mind there is added value to having an off-plan property in Chamonix and should be considered as an investment. This is a great opportunity for an investor who is looking for a long-term capital growth opportunity.

What is the cost of buying properties in Chamonix?

The buying cost of properties in Chamonix will be more than the average cost of other regions in France. This is due to the fact that Chamonix is a desirable tourist destination, so there will always be a need for property sales.

Buying Process of properties in Chamonix

Purchasing property in Chamonix can be a long and complex process. There are various different types of properties on offer: from new developments to resale properties, duplexes through to apartments. The differences in the type of property will give you different options for financing and each option has its own advantages and disadvantages. Buying a property or a chalet is not as simple as walking in off the street and paying cash for it either; there are many more steps involved. This is where we come in.

What are the best properties to buy in Chamonix?

Whether you want a second home, or investment property, buying property in Chamonix is sure to transform your own life. With its incredible alpine scenery, famous cuisine and wine, and historic village centre, Chamonix is an incomparable place to purchase property.

The best properties to buy in Chamonix are those that have a spectacular view. The best properties to buy in Chamonix have views of Mont Blanc, the mountains, or alpine meadows; it’s important not to overlook this.

Also, the best properties to buy in Chamonix are ski-in and ski-out properties. With slopes in the backyard – or at least a short walk away – you will not have to give up the luxury of having your hotel right next to the slopes. Instead of waiting for a shuttle, you can simply show up on the slopes as soon as they open, and have your own personal gate waiting for you.

If you are considering buying a property in Chamonix, you are on the right page. We have dozens of exciting property opportunities on our listings here at Ski Property from which you can make a choice.

Go through our Chamonix property listing to see if something catches your fancy or call +44 (0) 20 8339 6036 for more information.

Sporting Activities in Chamonix

Chamonix is an incredibly diverse destination, attracting a wide range of winter sports enthusiasts from all around the world. If Ski-touring, snowshoeing, mountain biking or other winter sports are your thing, Chamonix is your destination! Whether you’re planning to ski across the Alps, tube down some snow-laden forest runs, ice-climb like a pro or simply enjoy some traditional luxury après-ski, you won’t be short of options when choosing your Chamonix trip.

Skiing in Chamonix

Chamonix is a great place for skiers. The snow boarding park is fun and the skiing conditions are fantastic. Chamonix has a lot of skiing enthusiasts. The snow is excellent for skiing and there are numerous ski resorts to choose from. The three valleys of Chamonix offer a wide range of possibilities and services, to cater for skiers of all levels from beginners to experts. A key attraction is the weather, which will present enjoyable skiing conditions for many days in a row throughout the season. Another factor that plays a significant role in the popularity of this site is its closeness to Geneva, Lyon and Aix-les-Bains airports, low flight prices and consistent flight availability.

Snowboarding in Chamonix

Chamonix is a dream snowboarding destination for many. It is good for beginners to advanced boarders who are looking for a great all-mountain experience. Year after year Chamonix enjoys high snowfalls providing ample terrain for the snowboarders. In addition to the main slopes, you will also find easy slopes allowing progression. The place is rather crowded during the peak winter season, and if you’re a freeriding lover, board like nowhere else!

Motorcycling in Chamonix

Chamonix is a fantastic motorcycling destination. With plenty of mountain roads and a stunning Alpine backdrop, you’ll be riding like a true Provencal in no time. The roads around Chamonix are definitely worth riding on the motorbike, with some great road surfaces, and there are plenty of places to stop en route. The surroundings can provide endless scenery and terrain for every taste and ability level.

Hiking in Chamonix

Chamonix is a ski resort town with amazing year round weather which favours hiking. The nearest mountain range is Mont-Blanc which has 11 summits that are over 4000 meters tall. Many hikers love coming to hike in Chamonix because its elevation has the biggest performance difference from sea level. This means that you’re guaranteed to gain an extra amount of elevation in your hike by coming here, along with the already high elevations in the rest of the mountain ranges around the area; Mont Blanc, Aiguilles Rouges, Dent de Morcles and Aiguille de Midi.

Chamonix is Family Friendly?

Chamonix is a beautiful resort, just perfect for families. There are many activities for children to enjoy, both on and off the mountain. On rock, there is a leisurely family piste that takes you back to the top of the Le Bettex chairlift. Off piste there’s no better place than Chamonix. Le Grand Vallon area at 4000m altitude is ideal for beginners looking for easy off-piste school runs and occasional N-NE facing slopes. The village of Chamonix is extremely friendly featuring a wide variety of restaurants and bars as well as luxury hotels and budget accommodations. As far as things to do, there are myriad activities beyond simply skiing including: hang gliding, paragliding, bungee jumping, canyon swinging.

The family friendliness of this location is one of the reasons people choose to buy a second home in Chamonix. You can also buy property, not only as a second home, but to make money off rents, when you rent to visitors to Chamonix.

Types of investment Properties Available for Sale in Chamonix

Chamonix is a great place to invest in investment properties. As a real estate market, Chamonix has a low-key town center and residential properties of all types. Many people prefer to own their home rather than rent, which is why real estate is so popular. There are many types of properties for sale in Chamonix; some of them include: – holiday homes, old farmhouses, apartments, luxury chalets and penthouses on the slopes etc.

Ski Chalets

There are plenty of ski chalets available in Chamonix for sale, but should you invest? Buying a ski chalet in Chamonix could be the best decision you ever make. offers a diverse range of ski chalets in Chamonix, France.

Ski Apartments

There are plenty of ski apartments for sale in Chamonix, most of them with views of the Mont Blanc. Chamonix is a dream ski destination for many skiers and snowboarders all over the world. It’s hard to imagine that you can combine the perfect skiing with the comfort of an apartment. Having your own ski apartment in Chamonix is the best way to enjoy your ski holiday and to explore the French Alps. By having your own apartment you can prepare all your meals, have a warm bath after an exhausting day of skiing and relax with a glass of wine and some cheese on your balcony. You can easily save money by finding a ski apartment in Chamonix for your next trip to one of Europe’s top resorts. Contact today.

Luxury Hotels

Chamonix is one of the most beautiful regions in Europe and has consistently been voted as one of the top destinations to visit for outdoor adventure holidays. Purchasing a luxury hotel in Chamonix can be an excellent investment as you can get a great return quickly.

Why Purchase Real Estate Investment Property in Chamonix?

The value of second homes and holiday homes has risen sharply in recent years. Ski values are seeing a particularly strong demand and have traditionally provided solid return on investment. There are several reasons why Chamonix is one of the best places in the world to purchase real estate. Demand is at an all-time high, and a housing shortage has solidified this strong investment opportunity.

Chamonix creates an incredible backdrop for real estate investment. As a world leader in the sports industry, Chamonix receives over 2 million visits every year – 20% of which are for Mountain Sports and Outdoor Activities. Whether you plan to use it occasionally for the family, or to rent out when you’re not using it, buying property in Chamonix provides a wealth of potential income sources, as well as fantastic living opportunities.

Can I Buy a Property as a Holiday Home in Chamonix?

Yes, purchasing a property in Chamonix is just like owning any other property, whether you intend to use it as your main home or as a holiday home. There are a range of properties available for sale in Chamonix. Because of the rise in popularity of Chamonix as a holiday destination, demand for properties to be used as holiday homes in the area has also rocketed.

There are now numerous agencies offering property rentals throughout Chamonix, which means you may find a suitable apartment or other property very quickly and easily. makes it easy to find your perfect investment property. Whether you’re looking for a city center apartment or a commercial asset, we make sure you create an efficient decision-making process to buy investment properties in Chamonix.

Can I Buy a Property to Rent out in Chamonix?

Are you considering purchasing a property in Chamonix & renting it out? Chamonix is a perfect place to generate rental income, while you’re living elsewhere. There are some property owners that do this, as long as you have the right paperwork and the location is sufficiently insulated from any noise or inconvenience. It can also be a very good option if you want to live in Chamonix but need a second home to rent out for complementary income.

What is the Property Price Growth in Chamonix Over the Last Decade?

Property price growth data allows investors to analyse trends in property price changes. Investors can also compare properties based on capital growth, total return or income yield.

The average price of a residential property in Chamonix has increased by 260% over the last decade. This means that if you buy a property in the area, you are sure to make huge returns on investment, whether you choose to rent or sell in future.

Where are the Best Areas to buy Real Estate in Chamonix?

While the answer might be different for different people, it’s fair to say Chamonix has many good areas that you can consider buying real estate. The centre of town towards the valley floor can be a good area to invest, but It can be tricky to pick out the best place to buy real estate in Chamonix. That is where our helpful, professional staff comes in to help you make some good decisions on where you should buy a property in Chamonix. Call today. Can Help You Land Your Dream Property in Chamonix

With more than 10 years experience in the real estate industry, has helped hundreds of clients realise their dream of owning a property in Chamonix. The pre- owned market is on the rise as more and more properties become available at more affordable prices. Having access to an extensive list of available properties in Chamonix means no wasted time searching for your dream home.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What estate agency qualifications do have? agents are from diverse backgrounds but all possess the key qualities essential to representing our clients as an REALTOR: a dedication to the best possible service, both for buyers and sellers.

Is Chamonix worth visiting?

Yes, Chamonix is worth visiting. The French village of Chamonix, nestled in the heart of the Alps, has something for everyone. The summer season offers world-class hiking and bouldering routes all within a short distance from one another while in winter visitors will enjoy downhill skiing on the world famous slopes at the foot of Mont Blanc!

Is Chamonix, France expensive?

It is expensive to live in Chamonix, but only by French standards. Being the most popular region in France for skiing and hiking, everything is a bit more pricey than the rest of the country.

Which airport do you fly to for Chamonix?

Fly to Geneva airport, then go by train to Chamonix Centre (1 hour 20 mins) for Chamonix. From here everything is within walking distance.

Why is Chamonix so popular?

There are many reasons to visit Chamonix. The environment, the diversity of activities and culture, its stunning mountain scenery, fresh air and glorious snow, it’s hard to beat this scenic French resort.

Is Chamonix OK for beginner skiers?

Of course it is, especially if you come to the area with an open mind and an eagerness to learn. It’s a great playground, and whether you’ve never put on a pair of skis before or just want to improve the technique in your off-piste skiing, there are always options for you here. The key thing to remember is that while Chamonix remains one of the best places in the world for off-piste powder skiing, it’s also a resort with year-round skiing on good quality light dry snow. So, it's a great place for anyone to have an incredible skiing or snowboarding vacation.

What are the buying costs of a property in Chamonix?

Property prices can vary depending upon location and amenities provided. There are a few different costs to consider when purchasing a property in Chamonix. You will need to pay MR (maintenance réparation) in order to maintain the property and building, which is around 5-10% of the total purchase price every year. You will also need to work with a notaire or legal representative. In addition, there are taxes that must be paid. These vary depending on your visa but tend to be around 3-6% of the total purchase price. The seller will likely not pay these fees for you, so you want to budget for these during your purchase process and retain some money at the end so that you don’t have unexpected expenses in order to complete your purchase.

Should I borrow in France or in my home country to fund my real estate investment in Chamonix?

Chamonix is a high-quality French property market and with prices so high it may seem attractive to borrow abroad. If you borrow in your home country, you will have to deal with exchange rates and bank fees - but interest rates could also be lower. If you borrow in euros, paying off the loan in a falling currency could be less of an issue, but you’ll have to work with banks that have experience dealing with foreign real estate acquisitions. It’s best to discuss all these things with a mortgage advisor before making a decision.

Do I need to get a survey before I buy?

You might need to get a survey done. If you are buying a property in France, you should contact your bank or solicitor who can help you find out whether you will need a survey on the property to be purchased. Your solicitor can also help with the France legal process.

Should I buy a new or old property?

The answer to this question is very simple: old or new, your choice depends on the purpose of your acquisition. In general, most investors choose a new property because they are more popular at the moment. New properties are mainly used as a rental / holiday let.

Which one is better? buying a plot of land and to build my own chalet or buying a new chalet?

It can cost thousands of euros just to buy a plot of land in Chamonix valley, so why not purchase a new chalet instead? A new chalet should be of higher quality and is likely brand new. Plus, you’re eliminating much of the work and hassle of buying land to build your own chalet.    

If I buy an apartment or ski chalet in the French Alps do I have to pay tax on any rental income?

If you buy real estate for private purposes, you may deduct interest costs related to such investments against your income tax within the limits set by law. French income tax is payable on any rental income derived from a property and it is usually payable to the French tax authorities by the owner or lessor of the property. However, an exemption may be applied, in cases where the owner and lessee are connected for example by family relationship or business.