Buying Real estate in Verbier – 4 Reasons to Do It

Posted on 08 January 2021

To invest in real estate in Verbier is to buy into one of the world’s most luxurious ski resort, but it also extends much further than that. Sitting in the Valais Alps of Switzerland, close to Italy and France’s borders, this is the doorway to 4 Valleys Ski resort. For international promotion, it slots into the category of high-end brands. And rightly so. European royalty including the British monarchy and Dutch are often sighted as they put down their crowns to kit out in ski gear and descend the world-class slopes.

Boasting seven Michelin restaurants serving the most refined gourmet experience you will ever have, it is often cited as one of the best luxury ski resort for shopping. In 2018, the Luxury Lifestyle Magazine said it was fit for a king, and accommodation stems far beyond your average bed and breakfast hotel style.

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But we all know holidaying in a resort and investing in the property market are two different things, especially with prices in Verbier averaging at roughly 19,500 euros per square meter. So, aside from a luxurious lifestyle, what are the other reasons why investing in Verbier property is a smart financial move?

Buying Real Estate in Verbier

1: Mountain Life

Verbier may take pride in its manmade beauty, but the natural aesthetics step up to the podium as breath-taking. Facing South, and overlooking the Combins and Mont Blanc ranges, there is nothing like open spaces and clean air to put you back in touch with Mother Nature. The Mont Fort Glacier offers stunning views of Matterhorn and Mont Blanc, while secluded Haut Val de Bagnes, is the place to head to for nature reserves and waterfalls. With more of the world, turning their backs on urban landscapes and concrete jungles, Verbier offers timeless natural landscapes that will never disappear under the weight of 21st living.

2: Summer in Verbier

For real estate, the ball game has changed. Buyers are no longer content with just investing in a resort that operates for a few months every year. One key concept that makes some ski resorts stand out more than others is their range of spring, autumn, and summer activities. Adventurous explorers should invest in the Vernier VIP pass to gain discount to attractions and ski lifts. Hiking and mountain biking stand out as the two most popular activities, but wellness enthusiasts can indulge in mountain yoga or a spa day. Foodies will love the cheese and brewery tours, and the resort also has a clubhouse and course for golfing fans.

3: Four Valleys Skiing

Sitting on the four valleys ski area’s doorstep, one of the best in Europe and Switzerland’s most extensive, residents have access to 412 kilometres of slopes. Experienced and off-piste skiers flock here thanks to the challenging terrain and the Mont Fort Glacier. Verbier is about pushing the boundaries on the slopes, but beginners also have an easy time with groomed tracks and ski schools offering private lessons.

4: The Real Estate Market

A recent report by Savills says….

At €19,500 per square metre, Verbier is the highest value Swiss resort, just ahead of Gstaad. International demand comes from diverse nationalities, with French, Dutch, and Scandinavian buyers among the most extensive international buyer groups. Average asking prices fell slightly (-3%) over the past year, although domestic demand does remain cautiously healthy and active, if not price sensitive. An ever-strong Swiss Franc is also acting as a ceiling to asking prices, given the resort’s international appeal.

When looking at the property market, luxury apartments appear in listings, but chalets drive the market. This property listing is a prime example.

Chalet in Verbier

Covering 289 metres of living space, including terraces, offers four bedrooms, but the décor and design highlight the highlights. The architect made much effort to incorporate traditional alpine living with modern trends, hence used natural materials like wood and stone in the construction. As well as a sauna and jacuzzi bath, the property boasts of large terraces and balconies to maximise the view. (quote reference number 378 for more information)

As you can see to buy into Verbier property is to invest in a selective market, that offers timeless alpine charm. See our portfolio of apartments and chalets for sale in Verbier. Each listing includes everything to know, including photos, location, price, and property features. Then use the enquiry form, or telephone numbers to find out more details or arrange a viewing.

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