5 Reasons to Buy Ski-In Ski-Out Property

Posted on 01 April 2021

Ski-in ski-out property is on everybody’s ski property checklist, and whilst you can assume that buying ski-in ski-out property for sale is pricey, there’s a reason everybody’s looking for it. After all, skiing and snowboarding are sports that come with a lot of equipment, and ski-in ski-out chalets or apartments make getting to and from the slopes far easier!

Picture it, skiing home to your door at the end of the day, taking your boots off and walking straight into your warm, welcoming home. It’s the dream, especially if your home is also a short walk from the bars, restaurants and shops. Whether you’re looking for ski apartments for sale, or you’ve got your heart set on a chalet, ski-in ski-out makes the ski day that much better.

You’ve probably already got a few reasons of your own to look at ski-in ski-out property for sale, but here are our top five reasons to buy ski-in ski-out property.

The convenience is real, especially for families

Avoiding that dreaded, kit laden bus ride from your beautiful chalet to the ski lifts is always a plus. This goes double if you’ve got kids; we all know how difficult it can be to get your precious bundle of sunshine to the ski school meeting point. Buying a ski-in ski-out property for sale cuts down on a whole load of tricky manoeuvring, and that’s every parent’s dream.

Ski-in ski-out property is great for the après ski lover too; nothing ruins the buzz like getting a long bus ride home after an afternoon dancing at the Folie. Although there are arguments to be made for private minibus transfers, personal drivers tend to come with chalet holidays. It’s far easier to ski right back to your door, rid yourself of those pesky ski boots, and head out into the town for some hearty Alpine grub.

After all, there’s a reason the most popular and expensive chalet holidays are those with ski-in ski-out access; there’s much less hassle.

They’ll hold their value well

Buying ski-in ski-out property for sale is a great way to ensure that, no matter what happens, your investment retains its’ value. As ski-in ski-out is on almost every buyer’s list of requirements, whether you’re looking at investing in a chalet or an apartment, you’ll know that when the time comes it’ll sell well.

There are, presently, a few renovation projects on various resort fronts de neige that aim to transform old hotels into ski apartments for sale. These are superb options for anyone looking for ski-in ski-out property for sale, as they’re in a prime position for the bars, restaurants and shops in the resorts, and the slopes.

Whilst a ski-in ski-out property a little way outside the village will still be desirable, those that blend convenience on the slopes with convenience off the slopes are always the most popular. It’s this ski-in ski-out property for sale that makes the best investment, as these are in a premium location and often have superb on-site facilities.

They fetch a premium on the rental market

Depending on whether you intend to let your property out at all, this may or may not be relevant for you; ski-in ski-out property is always popular amongst holidaymakers. If you’re planning on renting your chalet or apartment out, even just to cover the running costs over peak weeks, buying ski-in ski-out property for sale practically guarantees great rental returns.

Whether you rent your property out with a management service, or just run it yourself via Airbnb, the fact that it’s ski-in ski-out will be a huge positive. For tourists who are just after a week on the slopes, a ski-in ski-out property will mean less time spent carrying equipment they’re not used to, and navigating bus services they don’t know. If your property also happens to be recently renovated and beautiful, so much the better!

Front de neige property doesn’t depend on ski ability

When it comes to ski-in ski-out property for sale, the accessibility can depend on your ski ability, so learners may need to catch a bus while their expert compatriots ski to and from the chalet. That’s not the case with front de neige property. If you buy right at the base of the hill, you get all the ski-in ski-out convenience without having to make sure you can all ski the trek back to the chalet.

Whilst some definitions of ski-in ski-out can sometimes be pretty loose, a property that specifies that it’s located on the front de neige doesn’t have that problem.

The fact that not all ski-in ski-out property is accessible to everyone is a big argument against buying ski-in ski-out property for sale, and front de neige property handily negates this. A beautiful ski apartment for sale in a renovated ex-hotel will be so easy to ski to, even your kids will be able to do it inside a week.

Renovation and redevelopment means ski-in ski-out property in great locations

There are some fantastic redevelopments along the front de neige of various resorts, and they offer ski-in ski-out in locations that would normally be reserved for hotels, bars and restaurants. Previously unavailable real estate being converted into ski apartments for sale is a great way to buy ski-in ski-out property for sale without being in the middle of nowhere in a location that’s difficult to reach.

For buyers looking for ski-in ski-out property for sale in more exclusive, out of the way areas, you should visit the property ahead of time, to work out how far it is from the centre of town and how difficult it is to reach via the ski lifts. Redeveloped hotels will be in easy to reach locations, with good road access and normally within walking distance of the centre of the resort.

Whatever your wish list, whether you’re looking in the French or Swiss Alps, if you’re interested in a ski-in ski-out property for sale, or something else entirely, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for the full property listings and help with your search.