The Best Places To Buy Ski Property In Europe

Posted on 10 May 2021

After a challenging year, many of us are now starting to look to the future in regards to travel and buying property abroad, with Europe still being a key destination for ski lovers. Deciding on the best places to buy ski property in Europe is always a challenge, as there are so many amazing places to put down roots, to ensure that you experience the very best of the ski season.


Buying Ski Property In Europe


If you’re thinking that France may be the place for you, you can’t go wrong with property around the Les Arcs La Plagne ski resort; with a cable link car linking the two resorts of Les Arcsand La Plagne, you’ll be able to easily explore and enjoy the famous Paradiski area. La Plagne centre is always a popular choice; however, do expect to have to act quickly when making an offer on any properties within the area, as they are extremely popular and sell very quickly all year. 

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Another popular area is Cervinia in Italy; with its vast terrain scaling across the Matterhorn massif, the area is popular due to the fact that it’s unlikely that you’ll need to repeat a ski run all day, due to the sheer size of the resort. Property within the Cervinia area is actually relatively reasonable, and is monetarily comparable to more affluent areas of the UK, which, due to the addition of amazing ski surroundings, can often be a surprise to potential investors who can’t quite believe that they can purchase property at such a reasonable price.

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The St.Anton of Austria is one of the most popular and frequently visited ski locations in the world, due to its outstanding beauty and the regular snowfall, which make for ideal skiing conditions. Property in the area is surprisingly affordable even for those with a lower budget, with prices for an apartment within the area starting from around €215,000, making it the ideal place to invest either as a first time holiday home buyer, or those looking to add to their property portfolio.

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Zermatt in Switzerland is probably one of the most desirable locations in the world to buy ski property; its picturesque, chocolate-box setting really brings the “ski dream” alive. Perfect for spending Christmases and the winter months nestled in the Alps’ tallest peaks, finding a property to purchase here will feel like you’ve struck gold! However, please be aware that only those who are current residents of Switzerland are able to buy property within the Zermatt area, with foreigners being excluded from purchasing property in the area, in order to maintain the traditional local qualities.

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Is A Chalet A Good Investment?

Once you’ve chosen the ideal location for you to invest in a holiday home, it’s important to consider the style of home that you’d like to purchase to ensure that you keep your home comforts but also to ensure that you can potentially make some money on the property when the time comes to sell it. 

While chalets can be more expensive due to the fact that they are often larger and more luxurious than a basic apartment and they aren’t likely to make you a huge return on investment, they’re also unlikely to lose you any money, simply due to the fact that they are always in demand and generally that demand hasn’t decreased across the most popular ski resorts in the past five years; this should give buyers some confidence when making their choice.

Whether it’s an apartment or a chalet, if this is purchased within a popular ski resort area then these will pretty much always be desirable to future buyers when you decide to sell. Our recommendation would be to stick to smaller properties, as these are more likely to provide a greater return on investment than the larger, more exclusive properties on the market. 

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