The 5 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Ski Chalet in Which You Can Spend Summers

Posted on 14 May 2021

Why You Should Buy a Ski Chalet you can Spend Summers in: Les Bossons, Chamonix

If you’re looking at, then the chances are pretty high that you’re thinking about a beautiful apartment or ski chalet to use during the winters and forget during summers. After all, what is there in the Alps, when the snow melts? We take a look at all the reasons why you should buy a ski chalet, even if you’re more into summer than winter.

Anybody living in the Alps will tell you, summers in the Alps are far better than you might think!

The Alps in the summers become a lush, green, forested landscape filled with meadows and streams. Think of Maria running around a field at the beginning of the ‘Sound of Music’ film; it’s like that, except better. After all, before the advent of downhill skiing, the Alps were a summer destination far more than they ever were a winter one. For Victorian ex-pats, the reasons to buy a chalet were less about winter wonderlands, and more about clean air and warm summers.

So, why should you buy a ski chalet in which to spend your summers?

1. Hot Summer Days

The Alps might be snow-covered and subzero in winter, but the summers aren’t anywhere near as cool as you might expect. If you’re wondering why you should buy a ski chalet when you’re only going to use it during the winter, you’ll be pleased to know that summer days are hot and the evenings long.

This isn’t to say there are no harsh weather risks in summer; the summer storms break every so often with huge thunderstorms that, if you were at the top of a mountain, would be difficult to weather. Generally though, whether you want to hike the high mountain trails, wander about the town enjoying long lunches on sunny terraces, or else take a dip in a lake, the Alps in summer are a great place to live.

There’s far more to the Alps than just the snow sports, and if you’re wondering why you should buy a ski chalet you need to keep that in mind.

2. Summer Sports

Whether you’re into hiking, trail running, mountain biking, or climbing, summer has plenty of sports for the adrenaline junkie and the casual sports fan alike. The Alps are just as filled with great mountain restaurants in summer, but this time you’ll be sharing the trails with mountain bikers and hopping on the lifts to get to that one bar with the beautiful terrace.

If you’ve ever considered a tandem paragliding flight, that’s better in summer too! The winters come with icy cold and frostbite risk.

The year-round appeal of the Alps isn’t the case everywhere, of course, and some resorts won’t be great picks for summer sports. Those that are, though, give you plenty of reasons why you should buy a ski chalet that you can use in summer. After all, if you’re going to live in the Alps, you might as well relocate full time.

For those buyers hoping to live and work in the Alps, knowing that there’s more to life here than just the ski slopes will be a great relief. Buying property in places where you can enjoy a good, lively summer season should absolutely be on your list of priorities in this case.

Why You Should Buy a Ski Chalet you can Spend Summers in: Lac Vert

3. Lakes, Waterfalls, Wildlife

The Alps in winter can sometimes feel like a severe and isolated place, but in summers they come alive with wildlife, and if you’re buying a ski chalet in the area, you’ll be able to swim in clean, clear mountain lakes, jump into waterfalls, and enjoy the scenery that’s too frozen in the winters.

In terms of reasons why you should buy a ski chalet, the natural scenery is even better in summer than it is in winter.

The glaciers might be just a little less attractive when they’re not covered in a layer of snow, but the forests and fields form a stunning vista that you’ll fall in love with. The skies are dotted with paragliders, and animals are grazing on the mountains. Freshwater Lakes give you a chance to swim in clean non-chlorinated water, and there are water sports on the rivers and lakes.

It might not be a beach in Barbados, but if you love the mountains in winter, there’s no shortage of reasons you should buy a ski chalet to use in the summer.

4. Summer Season Events 

When you’re thinking of buying ski chalets in resorts like Megeve, Morzine, Chamonix, and Verbier, events like the UTMB in Chamonix or the Verbier Bike Fest are a huge boost. For those looking to rent their property out occasionally, these weeks tend to fetch a premium, and if you want to stay in town you can enjoy the celebrations.

The Summer might feel a little alien for anyone researching why you should buy a ski chalet. After all, summer is not what a ski chalet is for. There are, however, real advantages to buying a ski chalet that you can use for a summer holiday or five. The summer season has events, activities, and good weather to convert even the most beach loving person.

If you’re trying to work out why you should buy a ski chalet rather than a beachfront property, aside from the difference in maintenance, the events that take place in the summer are a big draw.

5. Entertaining the Kids is Easy

Now, this might only be relevant for some buyers, but anyone with young kids knows keeping them happy and occupied can be difficult when all you want to do is lie on a beach. In the mountains, there are countless activities, from learning to climb or mountain bike, to Via Ferrata, lake swims, and luge runs.

Handily, that’ll not only keep your kids happy, but it’ll give you some alone time while they’re learning to climb or whizzing down the beginners’ mountain biking routes with a guide. Spending summer holidays in the mountains means that your kids will be outdoors, doing activities and making friends, which is on any parent’s checklist.

For families, the reasons why you should buy a ski chalet are about more than just winter activities. The summers can be just as much fun for all the family! In resorts like Verbier, Chamonix and Morzine, the summers are busy and there’s a large international community. This means it’s pretty easy to make friends whatever your situation.

Whether you’re after high, snow-sure slopes, with ski-in ski-out access, or a resort you can spend the whole summer in, take a look at our selection of ski property for sale. If you want to talk to someone about why you should buy a ski chalet, contact us, here. Happy hunting!