Finding the Finest Food in the Alps: 5 Ski Resorts You’ll See in the Michelin Guide

Posted on 05 June 2021

Looking for a Ski Property with Great Food on the Doorstep

Every skier and snowboarder has one thing on their mind at the end of a long day on the slopes; where can I finish the day off with some great food? When you’re thinking about where to buy a ski property, the quality of the local restaurants is an important consideration for mountain-loving foodies!

Luckily, the French and Swiss Alps are full of brilliant restaurants serving a huge range of cuisines. Tourists are no longer doomed to spend a week in the Alps eating a diet exclusively made up of bread and cheese. If great food is something you need when you’re thinking about where to buy a ski property, take a look at our five favourite resorts that you’ll find in the Michelin Guide.

Val d’Isere, France

One of the more upmarket resorts in the French Alps, Val d’Isere is home to three restaurants that feature in the Michelin Guide. Together with Tignes, the guide features a total of seven restaurants across the Espace Killy area.

One star mountain restaurant, Le Panoramic, above Tignes offers fine dining with spectacular views across the slopes and the Alps beyond. In Val d’Isere itself, two-star L’Atelier d’Edmond offers fresh, aromatic modern cuisine in a classic Alpine chalet atmosphere. Val d’Isere’s second Michelin starred restaurant is La Table de l’Ours serves a simpler fare, which is always perfectly cooked.

There is a Michelin starred restaurant in Tignes resort too, although it isn’t open at lunchtime. If you’re using a fourth Michelin starred restaurant as a way to decide where to buy a ski property, that’s worth bearing in mind.

Crans-Montana, Switzerland

With fourteen restaurants nearby that qualify for the Michelin Guide, as well as six in the resort itself, Crans-Montana is a foodie’s dream! Of the collection of restaurants that make the guide, two have stars. The one-starred L’Ours uses fresh seasonal ingredients to make Provençal inspired dishes.

Elsewhere, Le Mont Blanc also has one Michelin star, it sits in pride of place with 180-degree views over the mountains. The restaurant is a beautiful, scenic place to eat in summer and in winter. The small, quaint auberge Cafe Cher Mignon serves excellent food lunch and dinner and has a pair of rooms for when you’re too filled with good food to get home.

When it comes to choosing a ski resort to buy property in, for a foodie, Crans-Montana is a great choice. If you’re a foodie with your heart set on Switzerland, then when it comes to where to buy a ski property Crans is a head and shoulders ahead of the rest.

Looking for Ski Property with Michelin Star Restaurants Nearby

Chamonix, France

Ten restaurants cut the Michelin mustard in Chamonix. While only the Albert 1er has a star, many other restaurants come with the snowman’s head symbol showing an official recommendation by Michelin. Chamonix has a huge selection of top-notch food to offer tourists and locals alike, with a host of restaurants that have earned a mention in the guide.

Atmosphere, which overlooks the River Arve, offers Parisian chic in a pretty Alpine setting. La Telecabine serves fusion food, oysters, and classic fondue for those who’re after a more traditional experience. The second restaurant within the Albert 1er Hotel also makes the Michelin guide, offering slow-cooked farmhouse style food.

Finally, the industrial style Akashon also comes with the Michelin symbol of recognition and sits in a position half hidden by the Aguille du Midi. When it comes to choosing where to buy a ski property, there’s a lot to recommend Chamonix!

Megève, France

With one, two, and three-star restaurants in the town, Megève has a long-held reputation as France’s answer to St Moritz. It will surprise nobody to see Megève is one of the top resorts you can choose to buy a ski property in if you’re a foodie.

The one-starred Prima offers classic French cuisine and excellent wines, while the two-starred La Table de l’Alpaga offers more modern fare with great vegetarian dishes. The three-starred Flocons de Sel is a part of a hotel complex overlooking the centre of the resort. If you’re looking for where to buy a ski property, and Megève is on your list, you may find that this superb restaurant is right on your doorstep!

Several other restaurants in town make the Michelin guide. With Chamonix located a half-hour drive away from Megève, this is a superb base from which to explore nearby Alpine resorts.

Courchevel, France

Home to easily the highest number of Michelin guide restaurants, Courchevel is home to a whopping eight Michelin starred restaurants! As one of the glitziest resorts in the French Alps, Courchevel has a reputation for being exclusive. If you’re looking at where to buy a ski property you might have written Courchevel off early. It is, however, possible to buy property here even if you’re not an Oligarch.

As well as one starred Le Farçon, Azimut, and Baumanière 1850, there are four two Michelin starred restaurants in Courchevel, and the three-starred Le 1947. The sheer number of fine dining options in this resort will leave you spoilt for choice! As Courchevel is a part of the vast Three Valleys ski area, those hunting for the perfect ski resort might find themselves sold on buying here.

Of course, not all of these Michelin starred restaurants will be on your doorstep. Courchevel is a collection of villages, and property is rarely on the market in high-end 1850. Nevertheless, if you’re looking at where to buy a ski property, Courchevel is well worth considering.

The process of buying a ski property is tricky. Property hunters will need to decide where to buy, whether you’re after a chalet or an apartment, and how close to the centre you want to be.

Wherever you’re looking at buying a ski property, be it the French or Swiss Alps, Verbier or Courchevel, Megève or Crans-Montana, take a look at our selection of ski property for sale. If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch! If you’re looking for where to buy a ski property, wherever you’re thinking about buying, our experts can help you out.