6 Ways Ski Trips are Way Better When You Own a Ski Property

Posted on 26 June 2021

Why You Should Buy a Ski Property

Going on a ski holiday can be stressful. So stressful, in fact, that it’s a big reason why you should buy a ski property. 

Places in chalets and hotels can fill up quickly, so you need to plan miles in advance to make sure you can stay exactly where you want. Once you’ve booked a room, you need to negotiate equipment, transfers, timings, and all the other little decisions that need making when you go on a ski holiday. Fortunately, all that stress melts away when you own your own ski chalet or apartment. 

Not sure what I mean by that? Well, here are seven ways your ski trips get better once you own a ski property

Booking Stress Disappears

Deciding which hotel or chalet to book, in which resort, can be a nightmare when you’re booking a ski holiday. Do you choose to visit a resort you know for a fact you love or do you try somewhere new? Do you book this stunning hotel in the centre of town or that ski-in ski-out chalet right on the side of the home run? 

One of the biggest reasons why you should buy a ski property is that these concerns disappear entirely. Fly out on a whim, catch an AlpyBus transfer to your ski chalet if you don’t have a car, and you’ll be on the slopes by noon. There’s no booking stress, no difficult decisions to fight over, just a quick flight and a transfer. It’ll be easy as pie. 

Keep a Car at Geneva Airport

If you’re buying a ski property in resorts like Morzine, Chamonix, or Verbier, where there are transfers that go every half hour like clockwork through the season, it’s one thing. If you’re buying somewhere a little further afield or smaller, you might find yourself thinking about renting a parking spot at Geneva Airport instead.

After all, if you leave a car at the airport every time you fly home, you cut even the transfer stress out of your life. Simply glide through the airport, luggage free, and hop in the car to head out to your ski property. No waiting and no fuss needed. Why should you buy a ski property and then wait for a bus to take you to the mountains? 

No Need to Pay for Equipment Carriage, or Ski Rental

Ski carriage is undoubtedly a hassle when you’re going on a ski holiday. Ski rental is doubly so. If you’re looking for reasons why you should buy a ski property, avoiding both of these problems is a good one. When you’ve got your own ski chalet or apartment, all your equipment stays there. No need to worry, no need to spend an hour waiting for your snowboard bag to be unloaded from the plane, and certainly no need to deal with a rental shop. 

Most skiers run into rental shop problems every once in a while; if you’re using them regularly enough. These can be anything from setting DINs too high or low for the skier in question to bad ski recommendation. Ski rental can be a minefield. Fortunately, it’s a minefield you’ve got no need for when you own a ski property!

Really Getting to Know the Resort

Which bars are fun, when? Which restaurants can you walk into, which do you need to book, and which will give you food poisoning? When you’re only spending a week in a resort, these are all questions that you’re never going to learn the answer to. The hotel or chalet company might have a few recommendations, but you’re relying on their advice and their tastes. 

When you own a ski property, you learn all those little details. You know which restaurants need booking, which to avoid, and what nights will be busy at which bars. It’s far easier to navigate ski town life once you’ve been there a little while, and buying a ski property is the ultimate way to stick around town long enough to learn the ropes. 

Perfect Runs and Powder Stashes

Where on the mountain will you find soft snow in the morning? Which slopes get slushy by midday? Where do the crowds go? Which runs guarantee hero snow every day?

Learning the mountain beyond the piste map is a great reason why you should buy a ski property. On any given ski holiday, you will ski a fraction of the amount of terrain you could. A week or two just isn’t enough time to find out which runs will be fun at which time. For locals though, it’s easy to see where the good snow will be, which slopes will give you fresh tracks and which will be skied out. 

Learning the characteristics of a ski area takes time, especially when it’s a ski area as big as the Three Valleys. You might know that south-facing slopes are better early in the season and north-facing later on, but learning where the secret powder stashes are takes time and local know-how. 

Late Starts are OK

Worrying about how you’ll make the most out of your limited time on the slopes is characteristic of the one week ski holiday. Early morning starts, so you can get 8 hours of shredding in before tea, are a staple. That’s why you should buy a ski property: when you can spend any given weekend in the Alps, rushing out the front door in the mornings becomes stressful and redundant. 

That’s not to say that on a powder day, you should be dilly-dallying about in the resort, but on an average day, the frantic rush disappears. It’s a far more relaxing holiday when you own a ski chalet than it might be otherwise. A long breakfast before spending a few hours skiing before lunch stops feeling like a waste very quickly when you’ve got all the time in the world to come back and ski another day. 

Whether you’re interested in buying a ski chalet or an apartment, in France or Switzerland, check out our list of ski property for sale. If you’re still unconvinced and you want to talk to one of our experts about why you should buy a ski property, get in touch