Fly by Private Jet to These Ski Resorts in Europe

Posted on 17 January 2023

When looking at private jet ski resorts in Europe, expect the best. The French, Swiss, and Austrian alps are all massive playgrounds that present the best of Mother Nature and the world’s top ski resorts. In most cases, especially those ski resorts at higher altitudes, a luxury helicopter transfer or private jet is the best way to get there. Additionally, private aircraft don’t hit the pocket like most people worldwide assume they do. With private charters to your chosen airport in next to no time, beat the traffic and queues, and enjoy comfortable travel with luxury.

We all know the hassle of world commercial airports, especially at peak times of ski season. If it is not somewhere you travel regularly, you also have the hassle of your ski equipment, and snow conditions affect driving conditions. A limited number of passengers also make for easier flying. With that in mind, we listed our favourite ski resorts in France and Switzerland to reach on private luxury flights from any airport worldwide.

Private Jet Ski Resorts in Europe

1: Helicopter Transfer to Courchevel Ski Resort in France

As Europe’s most luxurious ski resort, Courchevel commands respect from everyone, regardless of whether they travel on a private jet or not. People often fly a private jet into Annecy airport and then a luxury helicopter to Courchevel Alti port, just ten minutes from the main resort. Alternatively, helicopter transfers from Geneva to Courchevel alti port take 30 minutes, compared to 150 minutes by road.

courchevel airport

Belonging to the Les Trois Vallees ski area, serious skiers love this luxury ski resort since it offers the best in snow conditions, heli-skiing, ski lifts, and ski slopes often visited by rich and famous from around Europe and the world. Away from the ski area, dine in luxury Michelin Starr restaurants, shop in brand-name boutiques, or be pampered at top-notch salons. Courchevel, France, is only 50 kilometres from delightful Mont Blanc.

2: Private Jets to the Ski Slopes in Meribel

The alti port in Meribel is just 1.5 kilometres from this delightful ski resort in France. Likewise, fly a private jet to any close Europe airports like Geneva, Chambery or Annecy and access Meribel without navigating congested roads. Average helicopter flight time, without your private jet journey, is just 20 to 30 minutes from the above airports, whereas the trip is 2 hours by road. Meribel resort in the Tarentaise Valley sits near Moutier. With stunning mountain views and a traditional ambience, snow in the ski resort is guaranteed throughout the season because of the high altitudes. (More About Meribel.)

3: Skiing at Val d’Isère in the French Alps

Courchevel, with a short runway, is the nearest private jet airport to Val d’Isère in France. From there, it is 27 kilometres. However, Val d’Isère also has its fly helipad for helicopter transfers. The nearest commercial airport is Chambery, which is 144 kilometres away, so to fly by private jet means another morning on the ski slopes. Val d’Isère ski resort is called the most beautiful ski area in Europe, and the views easily explain why. Despite the growing popularity in recent years, Val d’Isère has kept the traditional alpine charm. The town centre has also undergone significant transformation to modernise and deal with the ever-increasing number of skiing fans flocking there. Regarding ski and snow conditions, expect the best on the skiing slopes and off-piste. Find out more about Val d’Isere.

4: Private Flights to Crans Montana Ski Resort in Switzerland

When looking at luxury private jet travel to Crans Montana, Switzerland, passengers looking for great ski holidays have many options that easily match Saint Moritz. First, fly into Crans Montana, from other places like Geneva airport or Zurich airport on a private or shared helicopter flight. Alternatively, get luxury private jets to the closest Sion airport in Switzerland. From there, it is just a 40-minute drive, and to continue the luxury travel theme, private book drivers. Unique Crans Montana resort is in the heart of the French-speaking Swiss Alps and matched nowhere else. Expect excellent skiing with 125 kilometres of slopes, breathtaking views, and stunning surroundings. (About Crans Montana.)

5: Verbier Switzerland for World Class Skiing

This is where skiers combine the best of both worlds in Switzerland. Fly to the private jet airport of Sion, and then take private helicopter rides to Le Chable near Verbier ski resort, or book private transfers for the one-hour drive. Verbier resort sits in the Valais Alps’, overlooking the Combins and Mont-Blanc ranges of Switzerland, and benefits from fantastic views and slopes.  The ski area lies just 0.5 km from the village centre. Verbier is one of the prestigious ski resorts, with world-class and après ski terrain attracting people to return to the slopes. Indeed, the wealthy and famous visit Verbier resorts and many well-known names here own chalets or apartments. Why visit Verbier.

6: Private Jets to St Moritz Switzerland

St Moritz Switzerland ranks highly as a luxury ski resort. Samedan Engadin Airport is the nearest private jet hub, only ten minutes from St Moritz resort. Another close airport is Milan Bergamo. St Moritz resort ranks highly for winter holidays for slopes and ski resorts in Europe, which boast luxury on every corner. However, there are several other ski resorts in the Engadin Valley.

private jet ski destinations in Europe

The ski resort is a privileged destination with stunning scenery, and during low season, St Moritz is very much like a small village, despite the private jet status. A top attraction, the frozen lake, with its mystical aura, is also home to the snow polo world cup. Even in early May, ice covers the lake. St Moritz is the best Swiss resort, but other options are Zermatt, Switzerland and Gstaad, Switzerland, near Bern airport.

7: Winter Season in St Anton in the Austrian Tyrol Alps

To get to St Anton resort, the closest airports are Innsbruck airport for a private jet. In contrast, the nearest helicopter pad is Arlberg for ski conditions, St Anton resort averages about 11 meters of snow every year, but the slopes also have snow-making machines. Additionally, off-piste skiing is prominent in St Anton, making this the best resort in Austria for travel by private jet, regardless of which airport you head to. Known as the gateway to the Arlberg ski area, Expect the best from this sporty resort, including ice climbing, luxury boutiques, winter biking, and excellent slopes. Many people head to this resort via private jet, and the service is impeccable.

Also, About Luxury Ski

Most Luxurious Resorts in Europe: If private jets and luxury travel are your passion, in life, there is more than one luxurious ski resort in the Alps to visit. Of course, there are the time honoured classics like Courchevel, where nearly everyone arrives by private jet and helicopter but some other resorts do just as good a job of making sure your every whim is catered for.

Is a Ski Chalet a Good Investment? Sometimes, clients ask us about investing in ski property. Especially when compared to renting for holidays. Of course, there is nothing better in life than settling down in luxury ski accommodation after your private jet transfer, whether in front of log fires, on the veranda or cooking traditional food. Owning property also means arriving anytime rather than working around booking agents.

Closest Resorts to Geneva Airport: When purchasing ski properties, many clients often look at the nearest resorts to Geneva airport, and we understand why. Geneva airport is a smooth-operating air travel hub hosting flights and private jets from all over the world. Additionally, no-one wants lengthy transfers after their flight and prefer to get there and onto the slopes. These private jet ski resorts in Europe and near Geneva offer the best travel in the Alps.