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France has three major mountain ranges to choose from when deciding on locations to buy. France is a beautiful country to visit any time of the year, whether it’s as a tourist for sightseeing or for the countries excellent and varied skiing resorts. Boasting an amazing three mountain ranges, The French Alps, The Pyrenees and […]



Switzerland was once thought of as a rich man’s country, however, that perception is rapidly changing it’s a breathtakingly beautiful country with one of the highest standards of living in the world. Skiing is a popular pastime here and as the sport grows so do the stunning resorts each offering something different and each outstanding. […]



A truly all year round location for outdoor enjoyment. Relatively inexpensive, rich in culture, clean living, environmentally pure, safe and central to much of Europe. Skiing is fantastic with over 100 major winter resorts in Salzburg province alone, with traditions as unspoilt as the scenery. However permission to buy a second home varies from province […]


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