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What is the Best Ski Resort in the World?

Avid skiers and alpine property hunters might think there is no way to judge what the world's best ski resort is, but there is. After all, everyone's idea of what is best differs. Still, we can look to official ranking panels and reader surveys from hundreds of people to determine...

Posted on 14 January 2024

Why Are the French Alps So Popular?

Just one term can describe why the French Alps are so popular, and that is unique exclusivity. From the Mont Blanc massif to outdoor activities, there is much more to this popular destination than ski resorts. In an average year, roughly 100 million people visit the French Alps to experience...

Posted on 07 January 2024

When is the Best Time to Buy Ski Property in the USA?

When looking at what time of year is best to buy ski property in the USA, the ski season is only a fraction of the factors to consider. Nestled amidst snow-covered peaks and pristine landscapes, ski properties in the USA offer a home and a lifestyle. Ask any real estate...

Posted on 28 December 2023

What are the Best Wine Regions in France?

When looking at the best wine regions in France, get ready for a bountiful choice. French wine regions and towns earn stellar reputations around the globe for producing the best white, sparkling, rose and red wines that are the perfect addition to fine food and dining. Of course, after a...

Posted on 10 December 2023

Best Mountain Towns to Buy Real Estate in the USA

The best mountain towns to buy real estate in the USA are nothing short of spectacular. Acting as winter ski towns, from spring to autumn, many also attract outdoor enthusiasts and buyers who want to experience the best of the great USA outdoors. From investment properties to vacation homes with...

Posted on 05 December 2023

Which European Country Has the Best Alps?

When answering which European country has the best Alps, there are clear leaders, depending on your preference. In particular, the Swiss, French, Austrian, and Italian Alps boast world-renowned ski resorts, ski lifts and alpine trails, and are the most popular for investing in ski chalets or apartments. The Alps in...

Posted on 20 November 2023

The Timeless Charm of Gstaad in Switzerland – Last Paradise in a Crazy World.

Ah, Gstaad in Switzerland! Nestled in the Swiss Alps, this enchanting village promotes blended luxury, tranquillity, spectacular views, and natural beauty. Gstaad is more than just a destination; it's a timeless escape where the pristine alpine landscapes harmonise with sophisticated charm of upscale amenities. Julie Andrews, who owned a chalet...

Posted on 09 November 2023

Which Country is Best for Ski?

Advanced skiers are always eager to know which country has the best ski resorts, slopes and conditions. They analyse every ski destination to discover whether it can deliver excellence for ski lifts, varied terrain, off-piste skiing, and ability levels. Well, one hot spot ranks year after year as the disputed...

Posted on 01 November 2023

Why Saas-Fee in Switzerland Earns International Fame and Glory

Saas-fee ski resort in the Swiss Alps testifies to the sheer majesty of nature and the spirit of adventure. This charming Swiss village, set amidst towering mountains and shimmering glaciers, is renowned for fantastic mountain ranges, outdoor activities, and the world's highest revolving restaurant. One fascinating historical aspect of this...

Posted on 18 October 2023

The Delightful Villars-Sur-Ollon in Switzerland

Villars in Switzerland is a typical Swiss ski resort with breathtaking views, pristine lakes, and Alpine villages, filled with charming chalets. The resort has long been a favourite destination for skiers seeking natural beauty and cultural richness. Among countless picturesque locales in Switzerland, Villars-sur-Ollon stands out as a quintessential Alpine...

Posted on 11 October 2023