Ski Area in British Columbia to Expand to Nearly 1,000 Acres

Posted on 06 October 2012

The Red Mountain Resort in British Columbia recently began developing Grey Mountain in a two-year project that will expand the area by nearly 1,000 acres. The project will add an entire new mountain to the resort which currently consists of 1,685 acres of snowboard and ski terrain. Read Mountain has a reputation for being a world-class tree skiing and expert steeps resort which is spread over 2,919 feet of vertical drop, and this expansion will add a considerable number of intermediate runs.

Grey Mountain is a volcano shaped mountain that once developed will enable 360° skiing around the peak from just a single ski lift. This is a feature which a few other ski resorts in the world are able to offer. Although this expansion will dramatically increase the skiable terrain, it’ll also add a larger degree of terrain variety, making the area even more attractive to skiers.

It’s been described as being one of the largest single-season ski area expansion projects in North America to take place during the last few decades, and once completed will mean the Red Mountain Resort will be larger than Jackson Hole Mountain Resort in Wyoming. In fact the expansion will place the resort in the top 3% of North American ski resorts according to acreage.

Red Mountain Resort has been described as one of the few remaining resorts that offer a true skiing experience with large areas of open terrain combined with numerous amenities, but without the commercialism that characterises so many resorts in North America.