Ski Holidays and Property Offer Better Value in Europe

Posted on 26 October 2012

A raft of recent articles have detailed how the cost of skiing in Europe is set to become cheaper this year, and this may lure many people back on the slopes. According to Moneycorp prices have fallen substantially in countries such as Switzerland and France, although Switzerland is still one of the most expensive countries in which to ski.

Their survey covered the cost of the essentials of a skiing holiday, including lift passes equipment hire, tuition and food and drink, but didn’t cover the cost of accommodation and travel. However it may be an excellent time for those hoping to invest in Alpine property to do a little research.

Property prices in Europe have suffered recently thanks to the on-going European debt crisis, but this has had a positive effect on the pound. This means there are certain ski destinations where it may be possible to bag a bargain.

The top countries for investment include Sweden and Italy. Italy could prove to be especially good as prices have fallen substantially since last year, far more so than in France. Prices in Sweden have fallen by up to 8%, and the krona is relatively weak against sterling.

In spite of the bargains available in ski property, investors are warned about the volatility of the currency markets, and the need to seek specialist help to avoid issues that could affect exchange rates in the near future.

Although it might be possible to find a well-priced ski property for sale, the opportunities for rental returns still look very good. Operators are already reporting that some properties are fully booked for Christmas and New Year, well before the ski season even really gets going.