What to expect from a property management firm in the Alps

Posted on 25 January 2013

Hiring a property management firm is common amongst second homeowners in the French Alps who let their property, but as a new owner how do you pick the right company and what should you expect from them?

Most management firms will offer different levels of service, with many willing to take control of generating rentals and handling bookings for you.

“Just be sure you know precisely what services you’re getting, the price you agree for them and that the firm is competent,” says Julian Walker of “Skiing holidays are typically a week, so skiers like to maximise every second of their time in a resort, so changeovers need to be slick and done properly. Losing a day’s skiing due to a poor changeover would not go down well with a paying guest.”

A typical management firm will offer a simple key-holding and meet-and-greet service. On top of that, they will offer to clean your property between changeovers, including taking care of laundry – some agencies will rent bed linen and towels to homeowners. Additional options could be the inclusion of providing welcome packs and stocking the fridge between changeovers, and being a contact in the case of a domestic emergency at the property.

“If you are looking for a firm that manages all your bookings, shop around as you’ll pay commission on bookings for this service, rather than a fixed price. Get testimonials from existing clients if you can,” adds Mr Walker.

For a hassle-free way of owning a ski property that generates return, buying with a leaseback contract could be an option. has selection of leaseback property for sale.

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