A quick reminder of the perks of buying new ski homes in the Alps

Posted on 15 October 2013

Just like choosing a new home in the UK, when you buy a ski property you can opt to purchase a resale property from a private vendor or buy something brand new from a developer – either off-plan or something newly built. At, however, we believe the latter option comes with a number of advantages.

First off, when you buy a brand new apartment or chalet, it will come as a blank canvas, ready for you to put your own stamp on it, which you won’t get with a resale. The developer should also ensure that any niggling problems that can arise when you first take possession of it are put right – so-called snagging.

A new property should also come with a constructor’s guarantee, including the obligation to cover the cost of any type of major structural problem linked to the actual construction of a property. Then consider that new properties are built using safer, more energy efficient materials, meaning they are cheaper to run and friendlier to the environment.

When it comes to purchasing the property, there are financial benefits. Buying costs in France are lower with a new-build than with a resale, and they also come with a two-year exemption of one of the two French council taxes. Most developers will also offer you an attractive finance option, or staged payment package if your property isn’t built.

Finally, buying into a new development early often means you are offered a discount, so have a good chance of benefitting from capital appreciation. New projects typically appreciate in value once they are completed and established.
To see a selection of new-build and off-plan properties for sale in the French and Swiss Alps, click here.

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