7 Reasons to Buy Ski Property in Flims-Waldhaus

Posted on 10 February 2018

Flims-Waldhaus in the east of Switzerland is one of the lesser talked about ski destinations, yet the small village has much to offer anyone looking to buy ski property. Belonging the broader region of Flims, in Graubünden, it sits alongside the other central town of Dorf.

The overall district of Flims has a population of 2700 including foreign nationalities so the area is not averse to newcomers and indeed as a long-term tourism destination, welcomes newcomers with open arms. Despite its low-key presence on the skiing social circles of the world, buyers of ski property will be pleasantly pleased with what is on offer.

Reasons to Buy Ski Property in Flims-Waldhaus


1: Pioneers in Tourism

Although unheard of on the major travel scene of the world, Flims-Waldhaus can take credit as the pioneer of tourism in the Swiss Alps. With the first hotel opened at the end of the 19th century, the village was a key player in what is known as the golden age of alpinism, when people flocked to be the first climbers ascending key peaks of the alpine mountains.

Attracting a range of nationalities including the British, Austrian, Dutch and Americans, these climbers often stayed for the whole duration of the winter seasons and demanded the best in service and hospitality. The expertise in hospitality has carried on through generations of families living in the region.

2: Close to Zurich

Naturally, as the largest city in Switzerland and as a global hub of business, Zurich has many international transport links so getting to Switzerland is easy and getting to Flims-Waldhaus even more accessible because it is just 90 minutes’ drive away. Regular buses leave the area, or for ease and comfort, private airport transfer go direct.

3: From Flims-Waldhaus to Davos and Klosters

The nearby ski resorts of Davos and Klosters are within an hour’s drive from Flims-Waldhaus, yet Davos has a reputation as the ideal hang out locations for wealthy company CEOs, and naturally, they like to destress by guzzling expensive wine and employing only the best chef.

Klosters has also seen its fair share of celebrities, and the results are that both resorts have a costly reputation. The cost of living in Flims-Waldhaus is lower but should you wish to go upmarket for the night or weekend, Davos and Klosters are close by and easily reached.

4: One of the Best Ski Terrains in the World

Laax Skiing

In 2009, the Daily Telegraph called Flims, one of skiing best-kept secrets. Adding that people who neglect to visit are missing a rare charm, Flims shares a ski area with the neighbouring Laax region and the results is 28 lifts and more than 120 miles of marked slopes.

The district has also garnered favour with snowboarding enthusiasts although novice and intermediate skiers will feel at home in Flims. Within Flims-Waldhaus, free and frequent ski buses also get you there quickly.

5: Traditional Alpine Village

One aspect of Flims-Waldhaus to admire is despite the effort to move with the times, it keeps its traditional alpine ambience. Stone and wood chalets line the streets so perfectly that one would almost think the officials of Flims-Waldhaus have taken courses in urban planning.

Within the chalets though, most homes have incorporated modern trends such as underfloor heating and thanks to the geographical terrain, they also have stunning mountain views.

6: A Great Summer Destination

Flims-Waldhaus has the perfect ski ambience, yet it also gives the ideal setting for a summer holiday. 230 kilometres of marked mountain bike trails and 250 kilometres of walking paths attract lovers of the great outdoors.

Participate in a game of tennis, jump in the large swimming pools or indulge in the natural and stunningly beautiful landmark of Lake Cauma, a feature point of the community in summer.

Lake Cauma

The lakeside shores leading into blue waters and backed by green pine forests attracts families, couples and groups of friends with its laid back, and relaxed atmosphere. Open from May to October, visitors rent boats, swim, or watch the world go by in a deckchair and enjoy the onsite restaurant.

The main natural landmark is Vorderrhein Ravine, also known as the 10,000-year-old Ruinalta Grand Canyon that owes its unique formation to a prehistoric rockslide.

Rhine Gorge

The river flowing through the gorge attracts whitewater rafting enthusiasts, and the Is Spir observation platform gives a perfect view of flora and fauna, especially endangered species of birds. The valley draws in every social class including the bikers, hikers and those simply wanting to be at one with nature.

7: Flims-Waldhaus Mountain Resort and Spa

If you need more reasons to buy ski property in Flims-Waldhaus, the Mountain Resort and Spa in the centre offers up everything for people who want to own their own ski property but still want the one-to-one service on holidays.

With a wide range of onsite facilities including kids, club, museum, spa centre, onsite restaurant, lounge bar and concierge service, owners get both benefits of owning a ski property but feeling like they are on holiday. Find out more details here or contact us to receive a portfolio of property for sale in Flims-Waldhaus.