Famous Verbier Residents: Celebrity Hang Outs in Switzerland

Posted on 22 January 2021

When it comes to skiing in the alps and hanging out in glitzy resorts, famous Verbier residents put Switzerland on the map. During both the summer and winter season, big names flock to indulge in this ski-resort and its exclusive Alpine status. Think of it as Switzerland’s competitor to Courchevel in the French Alps. We are not just talking about talented celebrities either, but members of royal families from around the globe.

Ronan Keating, James Blunt, and the Beckhams are a few names we can drop, but there are plenty more. And for good reasons besides the high-profile brand names. It happens to be one of the best ski resorts in the world. Alongside the luxury ski chalets, and top-notch ski-lifts, it belongs to the four Valleys ski-area, reaching an altitude of over 3000 metres; hence any ski-holiday is guaranteed to have excellent snowfall. But before we look at the resort, let us look at the big names, who like to hit the slopes in Verbier.

Famous Verbier Residents

1: Sarah: Royal Duchess of York

Unfortunately, her purchase has gone wrong, resulting in Andrews and Sarah being sued by a former good friend. In 2014, they purchased Chalet Helora for 22 million Swiss Francs, roughly 18 million pounds. The cosy luxury ski chalet boasts of everything an upmarket Swiss home should have including sauna, stunning views, wine-cellar, log fire, en suite bathrooms, indoor swimming pool, outdoor hot tub, and jacuzzi. They bought it from a very good friend but unfortunately, have been unable to pay the balance due to Andrew’s high profile dismissing exit from Royal duties, hence cash is short. The latest we read is that the friend is now suing them in a court of law. The royals have now put the chalet up for sale.

2: Entrepreneur Richard Branson

Here is the great thing about the lodge. You can stay in it. To book the whole lodging for seven-nights (9 rooms) will set you back 123,000 GBP, or you can downgrade to four nights for three rooms at £31,000. A chalet holiday at the lodge promises you the best of the best, including fully catered meals by the gourmet chef. You also get your concierge service and a dedicated driver 24 / 7.

Famous Verbier Residents

Richard Branson says….

I knew this beautiful chalet in the Swiss Alps was destined to become my favourite mountain hideaway from the moment I saw it. I chose Verbier because it is an excellent year-round destination and offers world-class skiing, fabulous apres-ski, and everything you could wish for in a summer escape! Para-gliding, rock climbing, mountain biking… you name it! I hope you too will enjoy your experience at The Lodge as much as I always do.

3: James Blunt: Restaurant and Verbier Chairlift

As well as owning a home, James Blunt had the honour of having a chair lift named after him. After this, he and two friends opened a restaurant called La Vache (“the cow”) right at the chairlift’s top. Said to be the most expensive and popular place, it receives mixed reviews regarding quality and service. James Blunt isn’t a newcomer to the Verbier luxury scene but has skied here for many years, even claiming it was him that taught Ed Sheeran to ski. James says he loves hanging out in Verbier because the crowds and a pair of goggles means it is hard to celebrity spot. James even is optimistic of becoming a Swiss citizen.

4: Other Famous Celebrities

Widely known for his TB series “Man Versus the Wild,” adventurer and TV presenter Bear Grylls spends much of his free time in Verbier. Rumours says he loves the off-piste, freestyle, backcountry skiing opportunities and hitting the slope comes naturally to him as if he was born to be a skier. Although he owns a chalet here, other celebrities who don’t still visit every year. They include Jason Stratham, Ed Sheeran, and although Prince Williams and Kate have not visited in the last few years, they are widely expected to make a comeback at any time.

About Verbier

It is an expensive place to stay, but Verbier is an adventure playground that is about more than just being seen. Ranking itself as one of the best European ski resorts, skiers and snowboarding fans tap into more than 400 kilometres of ski runs aimed at everyone from beginners to experienced.

property in verbier

Winter isn’t the only time to visit either because in summer, as the snow leaves the high peaks, trekking, trail running, and mountain biking are just a few of the activities to indulge in. Naturally, expect the best from this Swiss ski resort, including panoramic views, gastronomic delights, and ultimate luxury accommodations.

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