Crans-Montana, Beyond the Golf Course

Posted on 26 July 2021

There are more than a few reasons Crans-Montana is one of the best places to buy a Swiss ski property! 

For starters, Crans-Montana is one of the few Swiss ski resorts known for more than just the ski slopes. Made up of two resorts at the eastern and western edges of Lac Grenon, Crans and Montana, this is a distinct and classic ski resort. It was favoured by James Bond himself, Roger Moore, who owned a chalet here. 

The golfing alone makes this an enormously popular choice amongst tourists; Crans-Montana offers far more to the Alpine property hunter than a famous golf course though. There’s the glacier skiing that ensures a snow-sure ski destination and plenty of different water sports on Lac Grenon for the adrenaline junkies and the relaxation lovers alike. 

The choice alone makes this one of the best places to buy a Swiss ski property. When you add the national and cantonal regulations to the mix this resort becomes an even more attractive option.

The Skiing

Well-connected, with modern lifts and Switzerland’s traditional array of excellent mountain restaurants, Crans-Montana has a great ski area for all the family. There are three gondolas from the village, spread apart to cover the sprawling nature of the resort and make sure everyone is close to at least one lift up.

The resort is split into four main areas, which break down into the family area, the fun area, the glacier area, and the area you’ll find pretty natural sights. The glacier is the most snow-sure spot, with pisted skiing up to 2700m, easily high enough to get soft, powdery snow through the whole season. Elsewhere, the fun area is home to Switzerland’s second biggest snow park, where you can practice your 720s to your heart’s content. 

Although much of the skiing is on the gentler side when compared with the infamous steeps of Verbier, Crans-Montana is home to the Women’s Downhill run. This is one of the steepest runs in Europe and will send you hurtling down a twisty, wooded piste, with some sharp, belly-flipping drops. 

From winter music festivals to the Women’s World Cup Downhill, Crans-Montana is one of the best places to buy a Swiss ski property. That goes double if you’re looking for skiing and activities for the whole family, in a buzzing ski town!

Best places to buy a Swiss ski property: Crans-Montana

The Wine

Crans-Montana has been making wine since 800 BC, and their winemakers are still a cut above! As Swiss wine is rarely exported, this is one of the only places you’ll find locally produced wines. The clean, crisp white wines are great for an aperitif, while full-bodied reds pair nicely with the rich, cheese heavy food of the Swiss Alps. 

Crans-Montana is home to several Michelin approved restaurants, and many of these also serve local wines that have been expertly paired with their food. When it comes to eating and drinking well, Crans-Montana is, once again, leading the pack as one of the best places to buy a Swiss ski property. After all, who wouldn’t want to eat gastronomic delights while sampling excellent wine grown on the hills you hike through? 

Hiking fans can walk along the famous Valais Bisse hikes, via fabulous little restaurants serving good local fare. If you’re looking at buying a Swiss ski property in a stunning location, where you can enjoy great views and even better food, you can’t go too far wrong with Crans-Montana!

The Lake

As this resort sits on two sides of Lac Grenon, it’s the ideal destination for water sports during summer. Many ski town locals will tell you, there’s nothing better than water skiing and wakeboarding during the summers. It keeps you ski fit for the winter, and it’s a great way to cool off on a hot summer afternoon. 

The lakes around Crans-Montana even provide a beach, where you can relax, swim, and spend the day enjoying the serene scenery of the Swiss Alps beside a beautiful clear water lake. There are pedalos and paddleboards you can hire and water games that your kids will love. All of this is a hop, skip and a jump away from the centre of the resort. That makes this one of the best places to buy a Swiss ski property if you’re looking for a year-round destination. 

For the more adventurous, there’s canyoning and white water rafting on offer, giving you thrills you won’t find at the resort’s exclusive beach club. A rarity in the Alps; whether you’re after an action-packed day of water skiing, canyoning and hiking, or long, relaxing days on the beach, Crans-Montana has something to suit you

It might not be the seaside, but if you want to blend Alpine winters with summer fun, you can’t go far wrong here!

The Cantonal Regulation

Crans-Montana hasn’t added any additional regulation to the general National and Cantonal Regulation. These govern the amount of property that can be sold to foreigners and the number of years a foreign buyer must hold onto their property before selling, which is five. The Commune of Crans-Montana hasn’t added any additional stipulations to these rules. 

This, along with the resort’s popularity amongst Swiss buyers, makes Crans-Montana one of the best places to buy a Swiss ski property. Crans-Montana has a superb selection of properties available to foreign buyers for sale. This is a resort that attracts visitors to ski the high-altitude slopes and enjoy the lakeside beaches. There are activities for all the family; there’s so much more to Crans-Montana than the world-class golfing. 

It’s worth noting that the world-class golfing on offer is another excellent reason Crans-Montana is one of the best places to buy a Swiss ski property. After all, living in a ski resort that also happens to hold the European Masters is nothing to complain about, especially if you’re a fan of the game.

From the buzzy town to the wide array of activities on offer, Crans-Montana is one of the best places to buy a Swiss ski property for good reason. If you’re interested in enquiring with us, please don’t hesitate to give our experts a bell! Wherever you’re interested in viewing ski property, take a look at our listings to find the perfect property for you.