Tourism in Chamonix

Tourism in Chamonix

Tourism is vital to the local economy, providing 6,000 jobs in the Chamonix Valley. With its pristine natural environment and access to a vast array of sporting activities, Chamonix attracts more than 2 million annual visitors to the French Alps.

Tourism in Chamonix is well developed. There are many activities to do when you come to this valley. Most tourist activity occurs in summer and involves hiking, nature watching, and mountain climbing. The variety of different hotels and apartments available will definitely offer you a unique experience every time you come back.

What is the best time to go for tourism in Chamonix?

The best time to travel in Chamonix is during the summer months of June to September where the climate is warm and dry. In this period the average temperature can reach highs of around 24°C. The weather in winter is when there is snow and skiing conditions, but generally speaking winter is not a great time to go because it can get very cold with some days reaching lows of around -9°C. Either way, wherever you go we recommend packing lots of layers so you’re ready for any weather conditions!

What is Chamonix best known for?

The Chamonix Valley is a place full of snow and ice and skiing, which makes Chamonix one of the best winter tourism destinations for fans across the globe. The ski season in Chamonix Valley falls from November to May. During these months, the temperature could drop down to -25℃ with a maximum temperature about 10℃.

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Are there properties in Chamonix for sale to tourist visitors ?

Yes, definitely. Chamonix real estate is among the most in-demand properties in France. There are many top-notch properties on the market for sale in Chamonix, ranging from luxury holiday homes, chalets and villas to affordable apartments.

Can I have a quick return on investment if I buy a property in Chamonix?

Have you wondered how you can make a quick return on rental income when buying property in Chamonix? It’s simple. You need to buy property that suits your needs, at an affordable price, in the perfect location. Location is key. Ski Properties has a long track record of helping foreign investors find the right property in Chamonix and make a return within 12 months. We will hold your hand throughout every step of the process. Chat with our experts today!

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