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The Le Coin De Val Project of Val d’Isère

Val d’Isère, already one of France’s most famous skiing destinations is aiming for first place with the Le Coin De Val project that officials hope will change the face of the resort and accommodate growing interest in the real estate market. Work started in Autumn of 2017 on the 200...

Posted on 16 March 2018

Swiss Tourism Industry Rebounds in 2017

Following a turbulent down spiral, the Swiss Federal Statistical Office (FSO) is reporting a rebound in tourism figures for 2017 with a staggering 37 million overnight stays, an increase of 5.2% year on year and almost enough to beat previous records made in 2008. The Swiss tourism industry is crediting...

Posted on 07 March 2018

Why the French Ski Property Market Easily Lures Investors

More than ever before, people are choosing to invest in the French ski property market and for good reasons. What was once a dormant, stagnant industry has now reinvented itself to offer potential overseas buyers, an ideal investment that suits their lifestyle choice.  It’s not just its European status that...

Posted on 23 February 2018

Is Ski Property A Good Investment?

Financial experts all agree that real estate is the best long-term investment to make. Although markets suffer stagnant periods, property has appealing appreciation value over the years. However, many people considering buying a home abroad often ask if ski property is a worthwhile investment because the market is in a...

Posted on 16 February 2018

7 Reasons to Buy Ski Property in Flims-Waldhaus

Flims-Waldhaus in the east of Switzerland is one of the lesser talked about ski destinations, yet the small village has much to offer anyone looking to buy ski property. Belonging the broader region of Flims, in Graubünden, it sits alongside the other central town of Dorf. The overall district of...

Posted on 10 February 2018

Where is the Cheapest Ski Property in France?

As travel trends change, so does the real estate market. Gone are the times, when we only travelled in summer and these days, getting away for Christmas, New Year or a 4-day break during winter is a common theme, hence the rising demand for ski property in France. France is...

Posted on 03 February 2018