7 Places in Switzerland You Should Visit while you’re Looking for Swiss Alpine property

Posted on 26 May 2021

Lucerne: Looking for Swiss Alpine property

One of the best thing about owning a chalet or apartment in the Swiss Alps is living amongst the world-famous scenery. Potential buyers looking for a Swiss Alpine property can enjoy the spectacular natural beauty, anytime they want! 

Sure, it might not all be on your doorstep, but whether you’re looking at buying in Verbier or Flims there are some amazing things to see in Switzerland. If you’re still on the fence about whether you should buy property in Switzerland, check out our favourite sites in a country filled with incredible architecture and postcard-pretty destinations.

If you’re looking at Swiss Alpine property, here are the 7 best things you can see while you’re there!


Lucerne is a little out of the way if you’re buying property in Verbier, but it’s well worth a day trip. Of the sites and scenery you can enjoy on a day trip to Lucerne, there are two that stand out beyond the rest. If you’re looking for a Swiss Alpine property and you don’t mind a detour, this city should be your first stop. 

The famous Lion of Lucerne is a monument to fallen members of the Swiss Guard during the French Revolution. The monument is carved into the rock face, beautifully intricate, and inscribed with a message about the fallen guardsmen. 

Elsewhere, the Kapellbrücke is a 170 metre long covered footbridge. It’s the oldest wooden bridge in Europe and dates all the way back to 1333. The bridge is covered in paintings that depict the life of Lucerne’s patron saint St Leger, and in English translates to Chapel Bridge. The oldest section, the Water Tower, was once used as a prison.

If you’re flying into Bern or Zurich on the way to visit Flims, Lucerne is an easy stop along the way. 

The Jungfrau Region

Home of the Eiger, Monch, and Jungfrau mountain peaks, the Jungfrau region is home to a host of Switzerland’s most famous tourist attractions. Although it’s home to some of the better-known ski resorts in Switzerland, if you’re looking for a Swiss Alpine property you should be aware that the rules for purchase here are strict. For foreigners, it may be better to buy in another resort and make the day trip once in a while.

Happily, it’s a fairly easy area to get to for a day trip. Lauterbrunnen, a completely closed market for property but very pretty, is home to a series of picturesque waterfalls. The most famous, and most spectacular of these, is the Trummelbach Falls. These are a series of glacier-fed waterfalls inside cavernous mountain rock. 

Elsewhere you can visit the Jungfraujoch, which looks out from inside the Jungfrau glacier. This region is also home to the infamous revolving restaurant seen in the James Bond film “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”. 

Lauterbrunnen: Looking for Swiss Alpine property

Lauterbrunnen, in the Jungfrau Region

Great St Bernard Pass

Winding up the mountains from Martigny, the Great St Bernard Pass is one for the road trippers. It’s a route that takes you through miles and miles of switchback turns curling all the way over the Alps towards Aosta. It’s also one of the most famous routes in the Canton Valais, and an easy 40-minute drive from Verbier. 

If you’re looking for a Swiss Alpine property in Verbier, this one is for you. The route is spectacular to drive, with stunning scenery, and also takes you to Italy! In terms of day trips, you can’t get much better than one where you can grab a gelato and an authentic pizza. 

Be aware, the Great St Bernard Pass does close in winter; it becomes impassible due to the snowfall. Verbier is home to some of the best skiing in Europe though, so road trips aren’t going to be very high on your list of priorities!

Rhaetian Railway UNESCO Route

If you think about train travel through the Alps at all, you probably think about the Swiss Rhaetian railway. The route cuts through the Albula and Bernina landscapes, with towering aqueducts and narrow tracks. It’s a stunning way to see the Alps, and although not as famous as the routes taken by the Orient Express the railway has a long history that stretches back to the early twentieth century. 

For anyone looking for a Swiss Alpine property, the famed Swiss efficiency is always a draw. The Rhaetian Railway is no exception, and if you choose to travel to the Alps via rail you’re sure to have an easy journey while you enjoy the incredible scenery. Whether you travel the classic Bernina Pass route or you enjoy Swiss Alpine railways as you come across them, the Rhaetian Railway is iconic.

Zermatt and the Matterhorn

The famous silhouette from the Toblerone package, the Matterhorn is probably the most recognisable symbol of Switzerland. It isn’t possible to buy property in Zermatt; anyone hoping to ski beneath the most famous mountain in Europe will need to take an overnight trip from resorts like Crans-Montana or Verbier. 

From the centre of the resort, the Matterhorn looms over the pretty town from every angle. Zermatt sees tourists in the winter and summer season, with climbers, skiers and hikers all flooding in. Of course, despite the impossibility of looking for Swiss Alpine property in the resort itself, visiting the town is on everyone’s Swiss bucket list. 

Verbier is a better bet to buy a chalet due to the strict regulations that prohibit international buyers in Zermatt, but the Matterhorn is worth a visit in any case. 

Zermatt: Looking for Swiss Alpine property

Zermatt and the Matterhorn

The Rhine Gorge

From Flims-Waldhaus, you can explore the Rhine Gorge; the equally spectacular Rhine Falls further along the river are two hours drive from Flims, but the Rhine Gorge is easy to reach and is home to some stunning hiking routes. You’ll need to hop on the Rhaetian Railway to get to the start of the hiking trails, so you’ll be hitting two birds with one stone!

If you’re particularly adventurous, you could canoe or kayak along the river, looking up at the sharp cliffs. It is possible to drive or bike the route, but it’s extremely challenging by bike. It may be better to take the train so you can enjoy yourself without worrying about the difficulty of the route ahead. 

The Rhine Gorge starts at Flims, so if you visit looking for Swiss Alpine property, this is an attraction you’ll definitely be able to see. 

 The Abbey of St Gall

The Abbey of St Gall is another UNESCO World Heritage Site, home to a great library that contains texts and manuscripts from the Medieval era. The abbey is an hour or so away from Flims; a short drive if you’re looking for a Swiss Alpine property. The building is a well-maintained example of Baroque architecture, and the oldest parts of the abbey have been stood for twelve centuries.

For anyone looking for a Swiss Alpine property to live in the historic and spectacular Swiss Alps, these sites offer a glimpse into Switzerland’s long, storied history and natural beauty. From the castles and towns along Lac Genève to the Rhine Falls on the edge of the Black Forest, Switzerland is a country filled with storybook scenery. 

If you’re interested in looking for Swiss Alpine property, check out our selection of properties. If you have any questions, or you want to make further enquiries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!