Alps in Megeve

The Alps in Megeve is a special place hidden in the heart of the magnificent Mont Blanc region, which offers a rich variety of adventure sports. Its location is surrounded by majestic mountains and brings together all the ingredients that ensure an unforgettable experience.

The Alps in Megeve offer something for everyone – a voyage of self-discovery, with all your needs met along the way. A wilderness adventure and an escape from the humdrum to breathe the fresh alpine air and discover activities of all kinds.

Whether you’re a world-class mountain biker, hoping to conquer the endless trails across Chanousia and Aravis Mountains; or an avid skier and snowboarder, contemplating how best to take advantage of the region’s snowy slopes, you can achieve your dreams with affordable and attractive ski property homes in Megeve with an outstanding Alps view in the background.

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Where is Megeve?

Megeve, a high-altitude mountain resort village in the Alps. is located in the Haute-Savoie department of the Rhone-Alpes in France. It’s known for its Mont d’Arbois ski area, which is an interconnected network of ski runs.

Directly above it is the more challenging Heights des Aiguilles ski area. Megeve offers fantastic skiing opportunities for all levels. Ski-in and out of three richly snowy villages, ensuring access to miles and miles of pistes.

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Why Invest in Property in the Alps in Megeve?

  • Investing in Alps in Megeve is key to calling it your home, your place where you can experience beautiful scenery, and a variety of activities. If you have been looking for a cultured region that has nice weather among many other qualities, investing in property in the Alps in Megeve will do the trick.
  • Whether it’s European wine, food, or culture that fascinates you, or fine skiing or mountain biking, you can choose your own Alpine experience to suit any taste. And with a high quality of life and future growth prospects, all in an easily accessible area, there could be no better time to invest in property in the Alps in Megeve.

What Does Megeve Offer for Skiing?

With snow parks over Mont d’Arbois’ and Alain Duchesnay, both accessible by train, Megeve is perfectly placed in the Mont Blanc region ski area. The activity of choice for those who wish to enjoy the sunshine during their massif excursion is hiking with 1000 km of marked trails and 150 km of Mont Blanc National Park trails.

Ski Areas/Slopes in the Alps in Megeve

  • The Evasion Mont-Blanc
  • Portes du Mont-Blanc
  • Rochebrune
  • Le Jaillet
  • Le Mont d’Arbois
  • Mountain Peaks in Megeve
  • Le Christomet

Is Megeve Snow Sure?

The region of Megeve is a winter sports destination, first and foremost. With the largest snow-sure ski area in the region (Mont d’Arbois comprises over 100 km of slopes), there is rarely a week when it lacks any snow or reliable cover.

What is the Altitude in the Alps in Megeve?

The altitude in Megeve ranges from 1,027–2,485 m (3,369–8,153 ft); (avg. 1,113 m or 3,652 ft)

Is Megeve Good for Beginner Skiing?

Megeve is a great place to learn how to ski. The beautiful scenery and convenient ski lifts make Megeve a favourite spot for beginning skiers. During the summer, the area is known for its trails and mountain biking.

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