Architecture in Chatel

Chatel is a small resort located in the French Alps in the Haute-Savoie department. The architecture of Chatel is dramatically different from other French ski resorts. That’s because Chatel is built into the mountains, resulting in dramatic views and small homes.

Chatel has been classified as one of the most beautiful villages of France. The village offers activities such as skiing, hiking, mountain biking and paragliding etc.

Why invest in Chatel?

Chatel is recognised as one of the main centres for contemporary architecture and design in all of Europe. Its exquisite mountains, ski slopes, lakes, cathedral, and modern villages have made it a favourite tourist destination with a unique quality and charm.

The quaint villages are unique structures complete with trails to breathtaking views, ski slopes, boutique stores, gourmet restaurants, night clubs and top-tier spas. Chatel enjoys an exceptionally high exposure rate which is evident from its international popularity with tourists and architecture enthusiasts alike.

What to expect in Chatel

Chatel has preserved its sense of community and offers many outdoor activities and great skiing experience. It is also the perfect place to relax in an architectural home where you can experience scenery that few international travellers get to enjoy on their vacation.

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Buying ski property in Chatel

Properties in this area offer a number of perks including stunning views and close proximity to slopes that’ll have you skiing on Europe’s best piste in no time. This snow-sure area is popular with skiers and also has a multitude of other activities such as horse riding, golf and paragliding.

You can also enjoy panoramic mountain views from the terrace facing the south. The mountain views will be more than enough to relax on after.

What is the most unique architecture in Chatel?

The most unique architecture in Chatel is the architecture of the buildings located on the slopes. Many of these buildings are made from wood and stone, but also much sturdier ones can be found.

The most unique architecture is certainly the ski sculptures that can be found in and around the Portes du Soleil. These include many interesting sculptures such as a sculpted hedge, or a mountain hand.

Enjoy architectural views in Chatel

Buildings are beautifully set in the landscape and compliment the environment. Chatel is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and particularly for those who enjoy architectural views.

The village of Chatel sits on a promontory in the heart of a vast snow-covered plateau, offering an exceptional platform to enjoy nature and relax.

Let yourself be seduced by the charming atmosphere of this authentic village which has more than twice been named the most beautiful village in France.

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