Skiing in Chatel

Chatel ski resort is one of the premier skiing destinations in Europe, with some of the best skiing, snowboarding, and freeriding settings and activities in the Alps. There are 400km of downhill slopes and there are 196 ski lifts for kids, beginners, intermediate skiers, experts, and great ski schools to learn how to ski.

Skiing in Chatel is a lot of fun, especially for downhill skiers. It’s a good idea for real estate investors to look into investing in ski properties in the mountains near Chatel because they are likely to appreciate in value.

Where is Chatel located?

Chatel is a commune in the Haute-Savoie region of France. It is part of the larger Chambery urban area which extends beyond the commune limits.

The nearest international airports are Geneva (Switzerland), about 40 minutes by car, Chambery-Savoie (France) about 45 minutes by car, and Lyon-Saint Exupéry (France) about 1 hour by car.

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Why invest in ski property in Chatel?

Chatel, the top resort of Haute-Savoie, combines its exceptional location and easy accessibility with ski lifts and state-of-the-art infrastructure. Not to mention a bustling village scene, superb vistas of Mont Blanc, plenty of sunshine and nights that are always mild.

Ask any expert skier for their favourite ski resorts and you are likely to hear Chatel included time and time again. Whether in winter or summer, Chatel offers everything you could wish for and more.

What other activities attract people to Chatel, aside from skiing?

The charming medieval-like town of Chatel, nestled against the Savoyard Alps, is not only known as a perfect destination for skiing. Hiking, snowshoeing, snow biking, husky riding, farm visit, shopping, spa treatment, ice fishing, and dogsledding are just some of the activities you can also do in the beautiful region of Haute-Savoie. The surrounding area also offers many opportunities to explore and discover its wide assortment of flora and fauna.

If I invest in a rental property in Chatel, when do I expect the property to yield the most?

This depends on a number of variables. However, if you choose the right location, then a rental property will give you a return within the first three months.

For more information on properties available for sale and their location in Chatel, property sales listing is the best place to find out.

What type of ski property can I expect to get in Chatel?

Chatel, at the heart of the great ski resorts, is the real estate capital of the French Alps – with property at all levels available for a wide range of prices.

With comprehensive Chatel’s properties listings, you’re sure to have access to the best properties with great prices and features.

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