Mountains Near Chatel

Want to go skiing on a mountain in Chatel? If you want to go skiing on a mountain in Chatel on your own or with a group of friends, will get you the best possible deals on accommodation. Chatel is one of the most beautiful ski resorts in France. From beginners to expert skiers, this ski area has something for everyone. Perfect for families as well as an adventurous single or couples’ break, Chatel has plenty of very affordable accommodation and easy access to all the ski lifts, runs and restaurants. Need some fresh snow to kick up your heels? The mountains of Chatel are calling. Strap in for this ski resort escape, where you’re guaranteed to find long runs and steep drops with a scenic view. Pack your bags now, we’ll see you there.

Why is Chatel a popular ski location?

Chatel has a variety of features that make it a popular choice for skiers. Its close proximity to Geneva Airport makes it convenient. The slopes in Chatel are also very smooth, making the resort great for beginners and experts.

The Chatel ski resort in France is surrounded by beautiful mountains and scenery. The resort offers a variety of ski runs for all abilities, including a snow park for those wishing to challenge themselves on the slopes.

With beautiful ski areas, excellent accommodation options, and plenty of places to eat and party, the Chatel Mountains are the perfect places for skiers or snowboarders looking for an unforgettable holiday.

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Some Interesting Activities to do on the Mountain in Chatel


Skiing is one of the many ways to spend a day on the mountain in Chatel. Beginners can practice their first steps in freedom, thanks to the snowsurf installations, which allow everyone at any age and skill level to learn how to ski or snowboard very quickly and easily.

Mountain Biking

Mountain biking on big mountain is one of many activities that can be done in the village of Chatel. Chatel offers a variety of mountain biking routes to suit all rider levels and ages. Mountain biking is fun, exciting and adventurous. Discover the beautiful countryside and spend quality time in nature by spending a day on your mountain bike.

Hiking and Walking

Hiking and walking are activities for those wanting to enjoy nature with a relatively easy workout. Visitors to Chatel can hike in the snow through one of its many valleys, or simply walk around town to explore the beauty of this French alpine village.

Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing is one of the best activities to do in Chatel. Rock climbing is a lot more than just scaling the wall of a mountain. It is an activity that stirs up feelings of adventure and exhilaration, and also gives you an amazing sense of achievement when you reach the top.

Cloud over the Valley in French Alps, Chatel, France Accommodation Options in Chatel

Apartments perfect for your vacation

Our selection of apartments around the village of Chatel enables you to live in the heart of the action. With modern apartments within minutes of local restaurants and bars, you’ll find your perfect location. All apartments feature modern furnishings, spacious living areas and modern bathrooms.


Find your perfect chalet with a range of options at With a wide selection of short term and long-term holiday rentals on offer, you will be able to find the perfect place to enjoy a relaxing break. Whether you are skiing in the winter or hiking and biking in the summer, take advantage of our detailed descriptions and images to help find your ideal get away from home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Chatel a Beautiful Place to Visit?

Yes! Chatel is a stunning place to visit. Abundant activities and spectacular scenery make the ski resort a wonderful destination any time of year. From lush forests and snowy peaks, to glistening lakes and charming villages, you will find it hard to stay a few nights. Step outside the front door of your Ski-in/Ski-out chalet and discover all Chatel has to offer.

When is the best time to visit Chatel?

Whether you are visiting Chatel in the summer or in the winter months, there is never a bad time to visit. There are so many activities to do when you visit Chatel, come summer or winter.

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