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Val-d’Isère is a true alpine village. Its economy is based on tourism. A place in the sun for you! Val d’Isère is not only a destination for outdoor sports enthusiasts; it offers many opportunities for real estate investment. The surrounding areas are also popular for luxury homes investment because many foreigners built second homes in this region. Val-d’Isère also offers excellent financial opportunities for real estate investment with increased property demand and limited supply driving up property value. The main reason people invest in real estate in Val d’Isère has always been due to its high popularity and international recognition as a ski-resort coupled with an enviable microclimate.

Where is Val d’Isère?

Val d’Isère is the largest ski resort in the Tarentaise Valley of Savoie, France. It’s a year-round destination with large hectares of skiable terrain. Mountaintops of Val d’Isère are ideal for skiing in the winter season. The glacier park is renowned for its steeps and includes a halfpipe, banks and jibs. The town itself is nestled in a U-shaped valley with the ‘roof of Europe’ as a backdrop. This remote location sits in a huge national park and provides great hiking trails year-round. The town centre has a selection of great bars, restaurants and boutiques to browse through.

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Types of investment property available in Val d’Isère

In Val d’Isère, there are numerous types of investment property available to buy. These range from luxury penthouse with balcony and stunning views, hotels and short-term apartments to luxury chalets for the long term rental market. There is something for everyone. With more than 50% of the property in the area being permanent holiday accommodation, this makes it a great destination for investors looking for a long term rental deal.

What is the typical rental yield in the Val d’Isère real estate market?

The real estate market in Val d’Isère has experienced a strong growth rate over recent years. Rental yields in Val d’Isère vary mainly due to the level of demand and annual rental % increases. As the demand for rental properties in Val d’Isère continues to grow, property prices are steadily increasing. All evidence suggests that this trend will continue, leading to high returns on investments in rental properties.

Are there luxury amenities in Val d’Isère?

Val d’Isère is a place of pleasure, with exceptional and diverse mountain activities for all levels. Its gastronomy is rich in regional specialities and delicacies, and its luxury amenities are unequalled.

Val d’Isère has every type of luxury amenities you could want. Luxury continues to climb up the charts in Val d’Isère. Open houses and new developments offer a variety of unique amenities for those who wish to purchase luxury real estate in Val d’Isère.

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