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Why choose Val d’Isère to buy a Ski Apartment?

Val d’Isère, France is known as a ski resort and a golf destination. About the same time every winter, an icy chill descends on Val d’Isère and makes it one of the best places in the Alpine world to enjoy cross-country skiing. This Swiss village also offers plenty of other sports to glide over the snow. If you like modern design and rustic flair, you will love Val d’Isère. Val d’isère ski apartments come in all shapes and sizes, as well as varying levels of luxury. A huge variety also helps to cater to all budgets and tastes. Other convenient amenities include ski schools, restaurants, and bars.

Some interesting activities to do in Val d’Isère

Skiing – Bellevarde Val d’Isère has ski areas with different difficulty levels for people to choose from ranging from Novice skiers to Pro skiers. For people that are just starting out, Bellevarde is just right! In fact, this area has been built to help you practice before you head off to the big mountains to show off all of your hard work! What’s more, the view of the impressive peaks from Bellevarde will make you feel like a pro.

Snowboarding – Val d’Isère is famously known for its snowboarding opportunities. Whether you like snowboarding or not, there is something for all ages and experience levels. Snowboarding with its different levels of proficiency (beginners, intermediate or advanced), with its off-piste runs, skiing as well as sledging are sure to entertain both seasoned and amateur snowboarders alike.

Biking – Biking is the best way to see and explore Val d’Isère. Most of the slopes are accessible by bike paths and you can enjoy a nice bike ride back downhill on some of the most beautiful parts of Val d’Isère. Enjoy the stunning mountains of Val d’Isère and take your bike out for a spin on its beautiful trails.

Relaxing spa – Val d’Isère provides you with a range of relaxing spa experiences. Enjoy rejuvenating spa treatments and massages, swim in a wonderfully heated indoor pool, and relax in a sauna.

Why choose in Buying an Apartment in Val d’Isère? apartments are ideally located in the heart of Val d’Isère providing easy access to everything you need including all the restaurants, bars, and shops. Situated near the lifts and in a previously undisturbed zone, offers the comforts of home in stylish apartments with balconies and views over Mont Blanc.

Whether you are an individual or a potential investor, we will be happy to help you find your dream property. Our team will do all it can to help you succeed in making your next investment in real estate success.

Request a quote, you can browse all our listings and make an informed decision about the apartment you want. We are always available to give you advice on your purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Val d’Isere a safe place to live? 

  Val d'Isere, France is a very safe place to live. The residents feel safe. immigrants from entering the village and French citizens' cars are checked at the border to ensure they have registered with the local government. And there is no sign of any trouble in crime statistics. Val d'Isere is as safe a place as any to live. Visitors should take precautions such as locking doors, not leaving valuables outside, and going out in groups with people they know. However, in genera, Val d'Isere is a safe place to live.  

Does Snow fall in Val d’Isere? 

The short answer is yes, Snow does fall in Val d'Isere. As with much of the French Alps, Val d'Isere is a year-round destination. In fact, you can see snow on and off throughout the year.

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