Snow in Val d’Isère

Val d’Isère is a major snowboarding resort in the south of France, located at the border of the French departments Alpes-Maritimes and Alpes-de-Haute-Provence. There’s nothing quite like taking in the magnificent views of Val d’Isère from the peak of a mountain – and for many, this is their best peace of mind.

Whether it’s skiing, snowboarding, or snowshoeing that makes your heart sing, Val d’Isère will bring your adventure to life. It features some of the most challenging and spectacular slopes in Europe with medium-sized slopes as well as larger areas for speedier runs.

Where are the best places to snowboard in Val d’Isère?

A resort that attracts beginners and hardcore snowboarders alike, Val d’Isère is one of the best places to snowboard in the world. This huge and varied mountain guarantees good snow conditions and plenty of terrains on which to practice your skills.

And with lots of easily accessible off-piste runs, it’s a great place for intermediates as well. If you are in Val d’Isère, these are some great areas to snowboard:

  • Solaise

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  • Where is the Best Place to Ski in France?

One of the best snowboard camps in the world is Solaise, where all the top pros from around the world come to get some serious air time. With top-notch instructors and lessons, you can’t go wrong at Solaise. Get a room with an amazing view or go on one of their guided tours to enjoy all that Val d’Isère has to offer.

  • La Daille

For anyone who’s ever wanted to try snowboarding, yet has been put off by the steep learning curve, La Daille is the perfect solution. The ski and snowboard school welcomes beginners of all ages and abilities, and the team of friendly instructors is on hand to teach you how to ride using the latest techniques–from simple flat land turns right through to how to tackle your first blue run.

  • Le Laisinant

Le Laisinant is the ideal winter destination to enjoy first-rate snowboard conditions with its perfectly groomed slopes and uncrowded slopes. Le Laisinant has competitively priced ski-in and ski-out chalets that are nicely positioned for a morning or afternoon of snowboarding. The Le Laisinant relais offers many facilities right on site including secure storage, shops, and events.

  • Le Châtelard

In Val d’Isère, France, the only way to experience true snowboarding is by heading to Le Châtelard. Skiers enjoy this piste for its clear drop-offs and long stretches of deep snow due to the lack of foot traffic. It is not just a snowy spot either as fun meets technicality at every turn!

What does Val d’Isère offer to different levels of snowboarders?

Val d’Isère offers everything a snowboarder could hope for. It has 3 fantastic snowboard parks that include Big Air and halfpipe elements amongst many other features. The ski resort also has a number of pipe zones, as well as links and off-piste territory. A boarder and freestyler will be delighted with the variety on offer in Val d’Isère. No matter what your snowboarding level, you will find something very special in Val d’Isère.

  • Experts

Val d’Isère offers a highly motivated, expert level of snowboarding. The resort’s steep mountainside allows riders to attempt big tricks safely, without fear of losing balance. The mountain also offers many different options for advanced riders. Professionals who are in the area for competitions or filming will enjoy the many challenges that Val d’Isère can present.

  • Intermediate

For the Intermediates, Val d’Isère offers an off-piste “blue” run in a beautiful setting between the Grand Motte and Argentière Glaciers. Situated above Tarentaise Valley it provides access to all facilities at the top of the slope.

  • Beginners

The town of Val d’Isère offers the perfect place for beginners to start their snowboarding adventure in France. The Espace Killy Ski School is a training ground for future champions. The facilities have been designed according to the most modern standards, to deliver an optimum coaching experience with both theory and practice in a safe and friendly environment.

What is the snow reliability in Val d’Isère?

Val d’ Isère welcomes snowboarders of all levels at every time of the year. In addition to its four resorts, Val d’Isère has its own parks, freeride areas, and promos in the off-piste zones.

Come to one of France’s biggest ski resorts, with a reputation for commitment to snowboarding since its earliest days as a destination.

Top Schools for Snowboarding in Val d’Isère

Val d’Isère ski school offers private and group lessons for skiers and snowboarders of all levels. Private lessons are the best way to hone your skills with a personal coach but can be quite expensive if you sign up as a group. These snowboarding schools include:


How much are ski lessons in Val d’Isère?

Ski lessons in Val d’Isère prices vary. Choose a reputable ski school at a good value with a great reputation to get the best price and quality of training. Ask for recommendations, or go to the Ski School & Snowboard School directory online to find the best local ski school near you, in places like Tignes, Les Arcs, and Val Rose.

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