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Is it worth buying a property in Val d’isere Village?

Val d’isere is a ski resort town in the Tarentaise Valley, in the Savoie department of the Rhône-Alpes région in south-eastern France. Val d’isere is a village that offers access to the largest ski area in France, which has over 316km of pistes and 73 lifts connecting hundreds of pistes of various difficulties. There are also plenty of places to discover a culture for your culture-loving friends who would also like relaxing nightlife, bars & restaurants and excellent shopping – includes the very high-end boutiques of Solaise and chairlift rides.

Val d’Isère is a purpose-built resort, over 40km of ski runs served by 70 lifts and with its airport. It also has three large hotels and 130 restaurants.

Are there any properties for sale in Val d’isere Village ?

Yes, a selection of properties are available for sale in Val d’isere Village. From spacious family chalets with free private parking to self-catering apartments walking distance from the piste. Whether you are looking for a home, an apartment, land or other property for sale or to rent – you will find the right one you want by going through our listings of properties here in Val d’isere Village.

Is there any potential for Capital growth in Val d’isere Village ?

Val d’Isère has good potential in the long term. It is a lively ski resort throughout the season, and many of its inhabitants have invested in property over the past five years. This continued interest could lead to an increase in prices and rental yields. Depending on the state of the market when you sell, you may be able to enjoy capital growth in Val d’ise Village. In 2018, we saw an overall increase in the performance of the markets. With this in mind, sellers enjoyed potential capital growth of over 30% on their property. So experience reveals that there is a lot of potential for capital growth in Val d’Isère village.

What are the buying and selling costs in Val d’isere Village ?

Property prices vary significantly according to the type of property, its location and what you have to pay. The price per square metre for luxury property in Val d’isere Village has a wide range. The cheapest property here (studio, house, or villa) costs on average €18,500 per square metre, but you can go through our listing of properties in Val d’isere for offers close to your budget.

What can I expect from a property in Val d’isere Village ?

In Val d’Isere Village, you can expect to be within walking distance (100m) from the ski lifts. This proximity provides easy access to on-site childcare, restaurants, bars, supermarkets, and other resort facilities.

The majority of the residential properties in Val d’Isere Village offer various studios with a varying size of 21m2 to 35m21 bedroom, two bedrooms and three bedrooms.

Are you looking for a property in Val d’isere in the Village, Look No Further?

Rental Prices in Val d’Isère resort ranges from 500 to 4000€. You will get more value if you rent out an apartment for the duration of your stay. The countryside is crisscrossed with trails that are visited by thousands of cross-country and mont-blanc skiers every winter and hikers in the summer months.

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